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Looking beyond tomorrow wondering if you'll stayI want you with me forever like I had you today

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Always Looking beyond tomorrow wondering if you'll stay I want you with me forever like I had you today But tomorrow isn't promised as we shall all learn Not sure of which direction to take or where to turn Just remember that in my heart you will always be Deep in my heart and soul, if I look closely I'll see When I close my eyes shut every night to dream You're my everything that makes my heart beam Never let go of us, or everything we have shared I want you to know I loved you and I always cared In my heart, your name is engraved deep down Cause you're the smile on my face when I frown I treasure each moment we spend like its our last Because every minute that goes by happens so fast But I still see you in my mind where you'll always be Baby we're everlasting this love between you and me Mattie i love you, I always have and will continue to I'll never find anything like this, or anyone like you You've made my life perfect you make me feel whole The best thing in my life, with such a beautiful soul Did you forget? ...read more.


Forget the world... Forget the pain and lies... Forget about what people say and what other people might see... All I want you to think about now is what you think of me... Because nothing really matters except for the people you love... And it kills me inside not knowing what you think when you're all I'm thinking of... Maybe I am wrong and you really just don't care... But why sometimes do you act so sweet if no feelings are actually there... All I want is for you to tell me exactly how u feel... Id rather be hurt than keep believing what you say is real... Whether you tell me you love me or not this will still be true... Nothing in this whole damn world could keep me from loving you... I Give up I give up on wondering If you will always be there I give up on hoping That you somehow cared I give up on fighting The urge to move on I give up on writing Another love song I give up on my dreams Of you and I together I give up on wishing We could last forever I give up on everything That we ever had For all this ...read more.


that it meant nothing to me It just means in my heart without you I will be alone And regardless of what you can say and can do You can't take away these feelings I feel And regardless of whether you understand or not What I felt about us was real So maybe your right when you say that I am weak Maybe it is true that I'll be in their shadow That they will always try to control my life To keep the peace I will let them you know I know I was stupid to want to be happy I was stupid to think they would understand So I will do what I can to repair this damage To forget the touch of your hand In all of this the thing I'm guilty of most of all Is making you think I'm strong when I am weak When it is easy for the people that I love the most To manipulate me with my spineless streak The rest of our dreams the plans and the hopes Well they meant everything to me for a while So I will just plod on with my life and keep it all in And paint on my external smile ...read more.

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