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Loose Control

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Lily walked into the crowded caf´┐Ż and was greeted by the warm smell of freshly baked bread. Mrs Austell always made the most delicious bread, not that she had eaten much of it lately. The mouth watering smell of Mrs Austell's home made loaf brought back bitter-sweet memories for Lily. Memories of when her life was happy. In control. Lily walked over to the cashier and began to place her order. "Can I have a bottle of mineral water and..." she stared longingly at the array of chocolate bars on display. If she was really good for the rest of the day... She shook the thought from her mind. Four hundred calories per bar, even if she was good for the rest of the day, it would still take ages to burn off. "...um, yeah that's all thanks," she finally said as she handed the cashier the money and went over to sit at the circular wooden table by the window. ...read more.


"What?" asked Lily cheerfully, feigning a smile. "I got the contract!" "Huh?" "I've signed with a model agency, Models one to be exact!" squealed Darcey. "Damn it," thought Lily," She even makes squealing seem glamorous." "So, I was thinking...let's go shopping to celebrate!" gushed Darcey. Lily faked another smile as she sipped gingerly at her water. She hated shopping, anything she tried on just made her look grotesquely fat, but if little-miss-perfect Darcey wanted to go shopping and try and see how many shops did size 2...Lily sighed and began to stare at her nails. She really needed a manicure. Maybe she could get one in the mall. There was no way she could do it herself, she'd only muck up. Lily chewed at her lip and nodded, pretending to have listened to what ever it was Darcey had been saying. Lily stared at the shop window. Inside stood blind mannequins all perfectly formed and draped in the latest fashions. ...read more.


"Size fourteen?" she screeched, "listen, seriously Lil, you are a size eight, not a fourteen. You have a great figure, why hide?" With the entire store now looking at her, it was all she could do not to run away out of the store and the shopping mall and into the car park where no-one could see her. Instead, she mumbled something about not wanting to try the clothes on to the store clerk and walked at considerable pace out of the shop and into Starbucks, where she ordered a rocky Road and a toffee frappuccino. After all, is she was going to stay fat she might as well enjoy herself. Just as she was tucking into her deliciously calorific cake that a voice came from behind her. "Excuse me, I couldn't help but notice you walking out of that shop earlier," said the face that now stood in front of her. "Oh shit," thought Lily, "does everyone in the Mall know now?" "And I was wondering, have you ever considered modelling?" continued the voice. ...read more.

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