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"Lord of Flies" my reconstructed ending.

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Lord of the Flies reconstruction Kamran Ikram Roger sharpened a stick at both ends. Ralph tried to attach a meaning to this but could not, for he had been so long without sleep, who had refused to come for him, instead leaving him to its friend, fear. Ralph had been gripped with fear since the death of piggy and it had refused to leave him be. 'sleep,' he thought 'when will I sleep?' And so, allowing his trail of thought to leave him, Ralph headed off into the jungle, in search of a hiding place. Nightfall was nearing by the time Ralph had succeeded in discovering a suitable hole-up for the long hours which lay ahead. Hours which he would have to spend in complete silence, hidden away from the savage brutes he once called friends. The sun had finally set, and ralph could not organise his thoughts. ...read more.


Once back in his lair, Ralph sharpened a stick and on it ,placed the pig's head. Then he prayed to The Beast. He prayed until daybreak, chanting " kill the pig, cut Jack's throat, spill their blood." over and over. Morning arrived, and Ralph awoke to the sound of crackling, the canopy around him blackened with smoke, and trees ablaze, their trunks orange and their leaves black, so that they no longer seemed as though they were trees, but flowers which had been upturned and placed back into the earth so that the roots showed, whilst part of the flower lay submerged in the soil. 'It's the Beast,' thought Ralph, 'he's saved me!' Ralph began to scream this over and over again, whilst on the other side of the island, the savages heard his confident cries of triumph. ...read more.


Quickly, he moved towards Sam, but Roger came up behind him ,and he saw Jack and Sam fleeing in his peripheral vision as he turned to face the once shy Roger... Walking away from the scene of battle, his body smeared in blood, Ralph set off in search of the last two. He sprinted through the jungle he now knew like the back of his hand, hacking away at the leaves with his new spear, one end of which had been made into a club with the addition of Roger's head , which now bounced away from the trees like a common plaything. Ralph was running, and suddenly, the darkness left ,and as he looked out on the horizon, he saw a ship setting off in the distance. No fire would work, smoke was already engulfing the very island, and as he sunk to his knees, full of self pity, guilt, fear and contempt, he remembered his oncd wise friend Piggy, his glasses, and the conch. ...read more.

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