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Lord of the Flies

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Lord of the Flies Lord of the Flies by William Golding is an interesting book I have enjoyed recently. The writer includes a character called Piggy who is an "outsider" in my essay I am going to explain why I think such a character was included. The novel is about a group of young boys that find themselves stranded on an uninhabited island after an aircraft shoots down their plane. The story is set during a war. The book shows how being cut off from the busy outside world can cause civilisation, as we know it to breakdown. It also reveals how a person's personality can change when all sense of control is lost. With no adults on the island to keep the boys in control of themselves some of them show they have they power to kill. In the book there are three main characters Jack, Ralph and Piggy. Each of the characters has different strengths that are helpful in fighting for survival but I felt that Piggy was the most interesting character. In the beginning Piggy is introduced as a fat, ugly boy who wears glasses and has asthma, "He was shorter than the fair boy and very fat." ...read more.


When the others arrive it is clear that Piggy is an 'outsider' because of his appearance - the rest of the boys were slimmer and didn't stand out as he did. Jack, the leader of the choir, did not like Piggy. He appeared when the conch was blown. He marched in with his choir. Ralph is elected as leader of the group so as a consolation Jack becomes leader of the choir. Jack later becomes leader of the hunters when there is sightings of what is thought to be a beast. Jack is set on having lots of rules but Piggy thinks survival is the most important thing to be thinking of. He is clever and in his opinion shelters should have been built before they should think of hunting. He has a very logical way of thinking. His attitude is constant throughout the novel because he instinctively thinks 'survival' and this keeps him motivated. He only wishes more people would listen to him. His ideas are very smart he only needed people to listen and understand him. Ralph needs Piggy to help in decision-making as he lacks Piggy's sense he is still very childish. ...read more.


He is there to give advice and help but no one truly takes notice and by the time they begin to it's too late they have killed him. He is also very loyal to Ralph. Piggy's death represents the end of civilisation. If they hadn't been rescued after Piggy's death the hunters would have killed Ralph too and then perished because they were not interested in being rescued they were living an adventure. The hunters killed Piggy when they threw a huge rock at him spilling his blood everywhere; he fell forty feet and then was washed away in to the ocean. Ralph felt very alone and was so glad he was rescued when he was otherwise he may have ended up dead too. I think the author included a character such as Piggy because he was different from the others both physically and in the way he thought. In a way it proved that although he lacked the good looks of Ralph he made this up in his sensible and clever mind. Piggy was almost like the voice of an adult if he hadn't been on the island then the others would have probably all died very quickly. ...read more.

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