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Lord of the Flies.

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Lord of the Flies 1. INTRODUCTION In the year 2001, our drama group Namast´┐Ż played Aipotu Paradise Lost. This play was about the story of the Lord of the flies and I have found it really interesting. So I have decided to read again the book (I had read it for the play) and to do the book report about it. The book, I read last term was Animal Farm. 2. SUMMARY Some boys crashed down with their plane on an island. A war is going on in the outside world. The boys are Ralph, who becomes the leader, Piggy, Jack and his choir, Simon, the twins Sam and Eric and many little boys (six to seven years). Rules are set down. Jack wants to go hunting to have meet to eat. Some time later Ralph calls a new assembly and he says that they are completely alone on the island without adults. Then a little tells that he has seen a beast on the island, but the others only think that there is no such thing. Afterwards they make a signal fire to be rescued. They grab Piggy's specs and focus the sunlight to ignite their fire. Jack and hi choir are trying to hunt while Simon, Piggy and Ralph are building shelters. ...read more.


Jack and his hunters thing that he is the beast and kill him. Ralph and Piggy discuss the murder of Simon; the rest of the boys pledge their loyalty to Jack. Piggy claims that the whole affair was an accident, and that they just got all caught up. Jack meanwhile is guarding his fort on Castle Rock and they come to steal Piggy's glasses. They go to Jacks fort to reclaim the glasses and that they should maintain order and peace. Roger kills Piggy by throwing a big boulder at him. Jack assures Ralph that it will happen to him next. Ralph begins to run away. They want to hunt Ralph, but they cannot get him, so they set the entire area on fire in desperation. Ralph runs to the beach where he almost crashed into a Naval officer standing at the beach, who was attracted by all the fire and smoke. He assumes that their stay on the island must have been all "fun and games," but is surprised at the spears and face paint on many of the boys. Some are crying, many are confused. The officer is told that two boys were killed, and everyone is taken to a Navy cruiser. (691 words) 3. ANALYSIS A) Characters Ralph: He is a twelve year old boy with blond hair, and is the most charming boy of the group. ...read more.


He found that even the children are not innocent. But sometimes, when a man is facing a difficult situation (as an example, a surviving need) then he will propably show his other nature, the dark and guilty nature. After the war (1945-1962), he worked as a teacher in Salisbury. These years he started to act as a writer. He published the books "Lord of the Flies" (1954), "The Inheritors" (1955), "Pincher Martin" (1956) and "Free Fall" (1959). The ideas of W.Golding's view of human nature can be found in almost any of Golding's books. Particularly, in his first and most famous book, "Lord of the flies". This book finally published in 1954 and it did not become a success at once. Today, it's considering as one of the best books of English literature. It also became a film with great success. William Golding was awarded with the BOOKER Mc CONNEL Prize, the greatest British Literature Prize. Finally in 1983, he was awarded with the NOBEL Prize for his whole offer to the Worldwide Literature. His last book, "The double tongue" (1993). Unfortunately, this book has never been finished. William Golding, died in Wiltshire, England in 1993. W.Golding's last book, finally published in 1995, but even it's just a rough draft, it affords to be a great novel. (290 words) 7. Bibliographical details Author: William Golding Title: Lord of the Flies Date of first publication: 1954 Edition: Perigee Literature Biography: http://www.aresearchguide.com Words: 1392 Alain Flammang 2e B 04.05.2007 1 ...read more.

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