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Lord Of The Flies

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Ivan Chardakov Lord Of The Flies Analysis of the first chapter How effective is it at introducing the characters, concerns and language of the novel? At the very beginning of the book, the characters are not introduced by the writer himself but by their own conversations. I like this style of opening because it grabs the reader's attention and makes him/her want to carry on reading. By reading what the characters say, we can get a very clear picture of what they look like and most importantly, what are they like in terms of personalities. The writer, William Golding, describes what the place looks like very well but he also leaves a lot for the reader to figure out. This is effective in a sense that the reader actually thinks about what is happening rather than just reading. Throughout the chapter we learn about Piggy and Ralph and the differences between them. ...read more.


This is what has mostly caused him to be what he is. Ralph, on the other hand, is very different from Piggy. He is tall, athletically built and has the qualities of a leader which are going to prove very effective throughout the novel. From the writer's point of view, he is everything Piggy isn't. The only thing that brings Ralph and Piggy together is their intelligence and sense of right and wrong. It is important to point out that in a way, they fulfil each other and this might make them good partners in the future. The other character who is introduced in the first chapter is Jack Merridew. In contrast with Piggy and Ralph, Jack is quite foolish in his thinking. Much of that however, is not revealed in the first chapter. In appearance, Jack is tall, red haired and thin. He is about the same age as Piggy and Ralph. ...read more.


Ralph and Piggy want to create a society in which everyone has a open opinion and a suggestion. In this way, the island will be more ordered and hopefully more peaceful. This is just about the opposite that Jack has in mind. He ignores the idea of organisation and instead, he chooses to do what he thinks is fun. The reader knows that sooner or later, this fun will involve the others and not in a positive way. From the first chapter, the reader will have a good picture of what is going to happen next. The threat is Jack. He is the one who will ruin the establishment of the order that Piggy and Ralph want to create. All this would lead to events which will affect the boys and the island itself. Another interesting fact from the first chapter is the shape of the island. It resembles a boat. This is the old symbol for civilization and the reader may recognise this as the main idea behind the story. ...read more.

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