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Lord of the Flies (1st few chapters only) - Discuss the issue of leadership as presented in the novel so far

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Lord of the Flies (1st few chapters only) Discuss the issue of leadership as presented in the novel so far There are three potential leaders on the island- Ralph, Jack and Piggy. Ralph is the "Boy with fair hair" his physical appearance relates to his personality, he is democratic and fair. He is in good physical condition, Golding idealizes Ralph from the beginning, in the island sun he immediately achieves a golden hue, this is a physical expression of his inward qualities. He is a confident public speaker and a quick thinker, which are important qualities of a leader. Jack is the "Boy with red hair", this symbolising the devil and evil. ...read more.


Ralph develops a society with rules and gives everyone a job and a purpose on the island. Ralph creates these rules based on justice, and allowing the boys to live fairly. This fits in with his democratic sensibility. Jack sees rules as a base for control and punishment. This is a reflection of his dictatorial personality and violent attitude, at the beginning it is jack who says, "We'll have rules", yet later he is the one to break them. Piggy sees rules as necessary to survive and whether it will contribute to their rescue. Golding uses the boys to show human development. First they build a fire, then shelter. Jack is more interested in hunting and causing pain and disorder than in contributing or constructing anything of use. ...read more.


There is a conflict of ideas and strengths between the boys. "They were on different sides of a high division", at the end the boys are divided by an invisible barrier each a leader in their own way. " I was chief and you were going to do what I said." Golding's use of the past tense shows that inside Ralph knows he no longer has control, but keeps on trying as at the end when they are finally rescued, the Navy officer asks who is chief and Ralph says "I am". It is Ralph who wants to keep the fire alight as knows that they need smoke, and ironically they try to kill Ralph with fire, and are rescued as a result of the smoke caused. Ralph finally achieves his goal of rescue just as everything seems lost. ...read more.

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