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Lord of the Flies

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Lord of the Flies is a play about a group of evacuees who have had a plane crash. All the adults are dead and the group of boys are now left to survive by themselves on a desert island, that at first seems like paradise. They become split into two different groups. One group has Ralph as their leader and they try to stay civilised and normal, but the other group lead by Jack act like savages and at first they only kill a wild pig that is already on the island. The social influence of class divide on the island was shown well by the Pilot theatre company. It was clear to the audience who had a higher status on the island. They used their spoken language as one of the main differences. For example Piggy was from a lower class background and was therefore inferior to the rest of them. He spoke using very common language and the other boys teased him because of it. He was very much an outcast on the island and his clothes were like rags compared to the Public school boy's posh outfits. Piggy was never part of the group; he always stood slightly on the outside of the circle. One of the cultural influences on the play was a child's capacity to murder intentionally. ...read more.


They cross-faded the darkness to show the divide between the two gangs. There was a back projection behind the action that reflected the action that was taking place on the stage. They used the lighting to illustrate the storm and their fear by creating a lightning effect in the background. Techno music was used in this play to demonstrate the savage, frantic, mad agitated and ritualistic atmosphere on the island. The most noticeable time that it was used was at the beginning of the play during the plane crash. It created tension, anticipation and a climax at the very beginning to get the audience interested right from the start. They also used choir music as a symbol of who they were, their class and their innocence at the beginning. It contrasted greatly with the more sinister sounds in the second half of the play. There were lots of natural sounds used to show that they were out on their own with nature. The audience could always hear always lots of flies making them think about the title of the play. At the end of the play there was calming chill out music to signify the end of the trauma. They used a female voice because it sounds softer, more angelic and soothing. The whole group started the play off with this frantic, repetitive dance. ...read more.


They banged it to create atmosphere and tension and they ran through it like it was the maze of the jungle. They could change the angles of the set to show the different parts of the island. Ralph's camp was under the plane, which makes the audience think that they are hiding from Jack. The way the ripped up plane is always on the stage both ruins paradise and is a constant reminder of why they are there. It is also a symbol of the ugliness of what they have done and it shows the divide between the two groups. The plastic backdrop glittered and rippled to show the sea. I thought the way the set was produced by the theatre company was both effective from the audiences point of view and the actors. This is because of the way it could be changed easily and it made the audience fell like they were there too. The divide between the two gangs represented civilisation v savagery. Ralph's gang representing civilisation and Jack's gang representing savagery. They both choose their different paths and out there with no one to take charge brute force won over the democratic ways of civilisation. Overall I thought that the Pilot theatre company's use of Drama Mediums and the Elements of Drama were very effective in communicating the themes and the social, cultural and historical influences on the play. Not only did they use these very well but I also found the performance enjoyable and interesting. 1 ...read more.

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