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Lord of the Flies

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Harpal Chandi Lord of the Flies - How does William Golding show that Law and Order of Civilised Society can be destroyed quickly? Lord of the Flies was first published in 1954 and from then on has been read by millions of people whether it would be pupils or adults. The book is still very popular as it deals with a subject that is timeless and fundamental. The book is a fable showing how the inherent evil in man's nature threatens order in a society. William Golding uses an allegorical story to illustrate this threat to civilization. Because of it's timeless topic and because it is an ideal showcase for allegoric al structure and literary analysis the novel has been dealt with in numerous school lessons and university courses. However, William Golding was a school teacher at a boarding school; he was interested in how boys behaved. He had seen what had happened in the WW2, concentration camps, ill treatment of prisoners at war. This made him think what would happen, if you left a group of boys alone on an island to set their own society, his experience made him write this novel. The boys were evacuated, the plane crashed, they were left alone on a desert island with no adults in sight. ...read more.


Ralph gives Jack the role of being the hunter to keep him satisfied, for Jack not being bitter about him losing the vote to become leader of the kids. While hunting for food, they let the signal fire go out, the ship was out at sea, "You let the fire out, there was a ship". Therefore, the ship could not see boys because the signal fire went out. Conflict is then building between the pupils, this is caused by the boys who are having fun and hunting mostly Jack, but the only reason that the children are arguing is because they are angry and hungry, for example "Kill the Pig"! Oppressiveness is growing that there is a beast on the island, finding a dead parachutist whom they thought was the beast confirms this, for example, "I saw something big and horrid moving in the trees... We saw the beast". Jack then challenges Ralph for the leadership, and wants things done his way; this shows he's hungry for power, for example "Hands up whoever wants Ralph not to be chief". Kids vote again, Jack fails to be leader again; he then goes off to create his own alliance. When they split up, it makes keeping the fire more difficult, now there are two opposing groups, so tension is bound to build. ...read more.


These once know little choir pupils have now the predators which is not good for the other conch, because they are probably next on their killing list. When Piggy is killed by the hunting group, civilization is now no more, Society has changed on the island. Ralph was also hunted like a pig, "All them other kids...", "We was attacked". This shows irony because his best friend was called Piggy, this leads the navy officer saving Ralph and going back safely home. In conclusion, contrast is shown in the novel between the two groups and Jacks group sounds more appealing to the other children. However, they were too immature to be responsible to organize, unlike Ralph who was very organized by keeping the fire going and trying to build shelter. If all the characters in this story weren't like Ralph, then they would all be like Jack, bitter, jealous and evil. For example, one or two boys who wanted to bully and beat up other kids, like Roger changed the atmosphere and corrupted his friends to be evil towards their teammates. Therefore, Golding shows the boys trying to set up a civilized society when Ralph becomes leader of the boys on the island. But when Jacks hunters kill Simon that's when everything started changing, for example, their civilized society then became an uncivil society where they could kill and hunt for fun but it got out of control once two innocent children got slaughtered. ...read more.

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