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Lord of the Flies.

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Lord of the Flies In this opening passage from Chapter Seven the idea of the "beast" is brought up almost immediately. The "beast" could signify 'the beast of non-civilisation' that they are being "sucked" into. When speaking this passage I would aim to bring out the eerie, desolate, description of the island, and to convey a sense of the boys' mental state. The word "jumble" when describing the rocks gives a sense of the confusion that surrounds the boys on the island. Having to "shut your ears" gives a suggestion of how strong and horrible the noises must be, how they are probably adding to the boy's mental confusion. The language used to describe the noise of the sea - "the slow suck down of the sea" is something I would aim to bring out vocally. ...read more.


The word "adventure" is used when describing washing a shirt, when the reality of the situation is that they are currently on a much bigger adventure. It is unusual for a 12-year-old boy to want to have a wash, haircut, and to brush his teeth - "He would like to have a bath". Ralph's wanting to wash may be a desire for civilisation instead of the non-civilisation they are falling into. The final few lines show the mental confusion the boys on the island are suffering - the character of Ralph doesn't remember ever biting his nails despite being "bitten to the quick". The word "furtively" ,when describing the way Ralph looked around, makes him sound like an animal, perhaps suggesting a sense of degeneration. This passage is written in third person narrative and I feel it would be best suited to a male voice as there are only boys on the island and there is some dialogue within it. ...read more.


I would then go back to a medium pace at "then there was a chance..." and then slow the pace down slowly from this point on so that during the description of the heat on the island the pace reflects the way that the heat would slow the actions of the boys . I would then want to pick the pace up when Ralph starts thinking about washing and cutting his hair, and having a bath, as this is all description. I feel that a fairly long pause would be necessary after when the boys stop to sit and eat. This would convey the idea of the group stopping and getting their breath back, and also give Ralph some time to gather his thoughts. I would aim to put a dramatic pause after Ralph says " Be sucking my thumb next" to give a sense that Ralph is realising that he has just spoken aloud. ...read more.

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