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Lord of the Flies.

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Tuesday 9th March 2004 Lord of the Flies Lord of the flies is a story about a group of boys stranded on a remote desert island and how they cope and survive. The story starts off with Ralph and Piggy coming across a conch and deciding to blow it, in hope those survivors will come to the calling. Thankfully no one is lost in the crash and they all eventually join up and decide to elect a chief to command the group. After a quick discussion Ralph is chosen to be chief and his first act as of being in charge he allows Jack to be leader of the choir and appoints them to be the groups hunters. Throughout the story you recognise Jack change from being a typical happy boy to a quite a vindictive cruel child. Jack is not just a plain evil boy; it is due to the fact of him being alone on a desert island, which has a bad effect on his way of thinking. ...read more.


Ralph simply listens all the boys and gives reason behind the tasks he sets. There is a lot of faith in Ralph because the group can see that Piggy and him do believe that the idea of smoke will lead the group to be rescued. " We've got to make smoke up there- or die" Pg.87. The concept of evil is show a lot in the story; evil is portrayed as to be the bad or dark side that exists in everyone. Evil is released in heat of the moment or at a time of breaking point. The title of the book in my mind doesn't really resemble evil just that the idea of it sounds revolting because of what flies are. Lots of evil things happen in the story that shakes the mind of the reader; one is the death of Simon. I find his death to be rather ferocious and sadistic, this act in the story might make readers wonder about what children are capable of. ...read more.


This theory is proven through the acts of savagery and the children being masochistic. " At once the crowd surged after it, poured down the rock, leapt on to the beast, screamed, struck, bit, tore. There were no words, and no movements but the tearing of claws and teeth" Pg. 169. Ralph doesn't participate in any forms on savagery, he is considered as far more reasonable than other members of the group. He shows his status by voicing his opinion, standing up to Jack and not using force or power to make the boys listen. The most beneficial that Ralph did for the group, was keeping the fire a light because with out the smoke they would have never been rescued. I don't think that Golding intended the book to just be a boys adventure but a lesson in the capabilities of humans and what they can result in doing. He's trying to point out that humans bring destruction to all nature by the idea of it being an uninhabited island. I agree with his ideas because the human race does lose control and damage nature everywhere they go, sometimes unintentionally but nonetheless it's a fact. Lewis Elliott- Smith ...read more.

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