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Lord of the Flies - Alternative ending for the book to replace chapter 12.

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Lord of the Flies Alternative ending for the book to replace chapter 12. Ralph, half staggering, half crawling like a wounded dog, looked up into the sky for a resolution, a sign of hope. But it did not give any. The sounds of the enemy were growing closer, and Ralph's situation was becoming more urgent by the second. He had two choices: to carry on making his way towards the reef, and hope that his luck would turn and a ship would pass his way, or to go up the mountain, into the beast's realm, yet where the savages wouldn't dare look. He chose the latter. A sudden tribal cry brought him back to earth, and triggered an adrenaline rush. With forgotten energy, he leaped through the foliage into the depths of the jungle. When he awoke, sometime later, it was twilight, and the air was snappy and fresh. The sun above him was slowly bleeding away into the horizon. It was this image that brought him back to his aching body, and the chill realisation of his dire circumstances. ...read more.


"Hullo Ralph," Simon said. "I'm sssory Simon...We didn't mean to..." He trailed off, weeping in terrible memory. "It's aright. I suppose it was meant to happen. Anyway, I feel a lot better now. I am free of my pain and my sorrow. But don't let them kill you Ralph. Don't let me have died in vain..." Simon said. "I wont Simon, I wont." Ralph said, almost in a whisper. He was in an emotional wreck now. His limbs were weak and lifeless. His hair was blackened with grime and blood. His eyes were glazed over, and looked like that of a corpse. His tears could no longer fall down their well-traced path, as he simply had no more. The unmistakable sounds of morning were coming to Ralph's ears. The twittering of the birds, the sound of the wind blowing through the trees, and the crash of the full tide against the rocks. However, this did nothing to improve Ralph's mental condition. On the contrary, it reminded him yet again of his hopeless state. ...read more.


And before Ralph's terrified eyes, the body of the solider started rotting. The flesh was falling away from the bone. His skin was bubbling and turning brown. Flies were appearing out of nowhere, making a deafening noise with their buzzing. And the body was giving off a horrendous stink, that made even Ralph's parched eyes water. "The beast," Ralph murmured. "Yes. The beast. See what I have become? But don't look so disgusted young man. Your fate will be the same as mine. The boat has left without you my son. You are now doomed to a life of death..." the beast whispered. Ralph ran as he had never done in his life. Through the brambles, vines and bushes, past the rocks and on to the beach. He squinted into the horizon. He could make out a blob, like a white blemish on a painting, far out to sea. "Come back!" he cried hysterically. And with the last breath of his lungs he shouted "Don't leave me!" With that, he fell face down in the sand. His heart gave its last beat, and the pain ebbed away. Simon was right. Death didn't hurt. Well not as much as living anyway. ...read more.

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