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Lord Of The Flies - Alternative Ending

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Paul Walmsley, 10B 6th November 2007 Lord of the Flies: Alternate Ending "Ralph lay in a covert, wondering over his wounds." The deep gash across his leg was exploding with sharp, searing pain, but with the current feelings of intent hatred towards him felt all over the island, stopping to treat his ailments was simply not a viable option for the long-suffering Ralph. So he limped along, walking on the edge of the beach, considering the choices that he had to make. He could, of course, hide in a cave until the tribe hunted him out and killed him, but that would have shown plain cowardice, and was certainly not the way a leader, a chief, would have been expected to act. He should do something bold, courageous and possibly a little vulgar, in order to win back the respect and trust of the other boys. But then his mind returned to Jack, who would always challenge him for leadership. ...read more.


It was raining now, and although only lightly, the water made his task more difficult, as the rock became slippery. Eventually, just two feet away from a flat surface, Ralph made a final, surprisingly elegant leap onto his knees, but landed hard, and in immense pain. Stifling the desire to shout out in pain, he hurried to his feet. His sharpened spear still clasped firmly in his left hand, Ralph began to worm his way through the dense foliage that surrounded the edge of the plateau, conscious that one false step could lead him down the sheer drop onto the jagged rocks below. Finally, alongside feelings of almost utter despair, Ralph reached what must have been Jack's shelter. It was guarded by armed members of the tribe at the entrance whilst Jack slept. It was a dark night, and although Jack thought he was making no noise at all, one of the guards flew around on his feet, and stared almost directly towards Ralph. ...read more.


The boys soon emerged from the shelter, carrying the body of Jack. Were they satisfied that their leader had been killed, or would they take revenge upon the savage who had destroyed their only hop of survival on the island? With a final farewell, the boys tossed the lifeless body over the cliff side, in a way very reminiscent of Piggy's downfall. Finally, the real beast on the island was no more. That night, Ralph claimed his triumphant return to power, in front of all the boys, including a significantly disgruntled Roger, and the tribe returned to normal island life, where priorities included the fire, shelter, and food. After a week, a large vessel appeared on the horizon. In the most organised manner, green leaves were loaded onto the fire to make smoke, just like times of old. The ship changed course, heading directly towards the island, and the boys rejoiced. The ordeal, that regardless of how hard they tried, none of the boys would ever forget, would soon be over. Life could return to a state of normality, with values of structured leadership, and civilisation. ...read more.

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