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Lord of the Flies - An Alternative Ending

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Lord of the Flies Ralph looked up. He knew he was imagining things, and that had to stop. He focused on the essential things in life. Pigs. Sharpening sticks. Killing. Ralph stood and, set with a determination to fuel his desires, he exited the cave. He had been living in the cave for the past month. There was nothing left on his body save for a loincloth and markings on his body. He had been different from the other people since discovering the power. The power to kill the remaining survivors. Ralph walked down to the beach. The palm trees and sandy beaches were once a haven to the boys. Once. Now they were just obstacles in a war for both sides. Since Simon had died, and Piggy had disappeared, the "hunters" were fighting a war against Ralph. But luckily, none of the boys had been brave enough to kill Ralph ever since that fateful night. Ralph closed his eyes and let his memories take over. ***** It was dark that night. ...read more.


Luckily, it hit the waves and was dragged out by the tide. As Ralph struggled over the top, he saw 5 spears pointed at him, like deadly stakes. "Why are you here?" spat a savage. "I need to talk ... to all of you..." gasped Ralph, tired from climbing up the rock. "Get lost... We don't need to talk to you. You and us have nothing to do with each other!" snarled a savage. Roger, Ralph guessed from the intensity of the words. "It concerns about being rescued." Ralph said with the ferocity of being a leader. "How 'bout we just kill you?" "Because I want to speak with Jack!" Ralph said the last three words ferociously, hurling himself over the edge. "What do you want?" spoke a quiet, bored voice from the darkness. "I have come to offer a treaty" "Get out." Ralph's anger, hatred and bitter emotions flowed out of his body in a rush of fury. "No." he spoke with hatred about Piggy. "Get out before I kill you!!" roared Jack. ...read more.


The horror of killing something worse than just a pig, about killing Roger simply for absolutely no reason, or that Ralph was always the one to uphold justice but was practicing otherwise. Feeling the blood gushing down his hands, the screams of the littleuns and biguns, the feeling of a cold hard body in his hands. His heart beat faster and faster, and he screamed. His head spun and he dry heaved. He was becoming more and more nauseated as he plummeted into the abyss. Claws grabbed him from below and tried to rip his skin. Blood materialized in his vision, but it wasn't Ralph's - it was Roger's blood. He felt a searing pain on his arms and his head hurt so much... ***** Ralph painfully opened his eyes. He wasn't used to the amount of sunlight on his face - not anymore. He climbed up the rock leading to the savages' hideout, intent on inflicting pain onto them, not caring about being rescued, about the honor of the fire, or the conch. For he, had become the Beast. ?? ?? ?? ?? Bryan Tan 10P Lord of the Flies Alternative Ending ...read more.

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