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Lord of the Flies, An Alternative Ending.

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Lord of the Flies, An Alternative Ending. Ralph stumbled over a root, he could hear the snapping of twigs getting ever nearer as the boys closed in on his position. Samneric had heard Ralph's cry and darted towards the sound. As they drew near they saw Ralph sprinting through the forest and tried to catch up with him. Ralph tripped again, this time over a flaming log and fell to the ground in agony. his leg had been burnt, blisters were already formed. He knew he didn't have time to feel the pain, he grasped at anything he could find to pull himself up. Samneric got to Ralph and both attempted to help him to find his feet. "Get off, leave me" squealed Ralph with pain and panic in his voice. "But their coming" screamed Eric, "Come on, we have to go". Ralph got up, confused by the twins apparent change of sides. Sam started to pursue his brother and Ralph, still confused by all of this, decided to follow, hoping that this was not a trick to lead him to Jack. ...read more.


The circle parted to make way for their leader as Jack marched through them with a military style. The circle reformed, trapping the boys within, like a pack of wolves closing on it's prey. Jack thrust his spear into the ground then approached Ralph screaming, "Come on you cowardly bastard", while the circle lay silent in anticipation of what was to come. As if enough blood had not already been spilt, the boys wondered if this day another death would occur. Ralph looked at Jack and could see the anger in his eyes, anger driven by his insanity. Ralph picked himself up off the ground in excruciating pain, the silence was unnerving him. All he could hear were the waves lashing at the rocks below. Ralph did not need to reply to Jack, for the time for talking was over. Both boys knew what had to be done. Ralph lunged towards Jack, fists clenched tight, his fist met with Jack's left cheek. Jack seemed unmoved by this blow as his adrenalin pumped through his veins. He retaliated quickly, striking Ralph back as the circle chanted with spears aloft. ...read more.


The boys appeared to be oblivious as they began to slide while trying to circle in a clockwise motion, each waiting for the other to make his move. As they slowly circled like vultures, seconds felt like hours. Jack made a charge towards Ralph, his spear struck Ralph's arm but did not pierce the skin, the force knocked Ralph to the ground again. Ralph is left on the ground, floundering in the mud, backing himself towards the cliff edge, where the boys dispersed. Jack turned for a second pass, charging at Ralph. Ralph, still on the ground, lifted his spear and pointed it, with the end firmly rooted in the ground, at jack. As Jack picked up speed, both boys struck each other hard. Jack's spear pierced, deep into Ralph's shoulder while Jack is impaled on Ralph's. Ralph, with a scream of agony and his last ounce of strength pulled back on the spear, throwing Jack over the cliff edge to the rocks below. The chanting abruptly stopped as Ralph began to weep. His tears were not for his pain but for what he had become. He now realized he too had become like Jack. He too had succumbed to the madness of the island. ...read more.

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