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Lord of the Flies : Analyse the islands leader.

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Lord of the Flies : Analyse the islands leader In the story Lord of the flies by William Golding, a group of young boys are trapped on a desert island, away from civiliasation. The boys have to provide food and water for themselves, and create a socioty. The one thing they can quite get to grips on is who should be the leader? When the boys first met up together on the island, there was no apparent leadership, no body cared for rules and socioty, only that there were no grown-ups. This was the first real chance they had away from any grown-ups, so they wanted to make it special. They went swimming and playing, but there was no control over everyone, so Ralph called a meeting. ...read more.


He doesn't realise that the boys wont all listen to him and so he keeps pushing them, and soon they will loose respect that he does have. Also Ralph thinks that whatever he says, should go, and is the best option, but this isn't true, but most of the time, he has the right idea. * Jack: He is the type of person who is used to getting his own way too much, being leader of the choir before the crash, but on the island, he doesn't always get what he wants. With Ralph as leader he has been silenced in doing things his way and doesn't like this very much, because he is a very assertive person, and this is starting to show in the story by stabing his knife into trees and shouting over people. ...read more.


Although he is very logical he isn't very hard working, like when the group do something lets say collecting water of hunting, he is sitting with the little kids. He is a shy person that doesn't work very hard but just puts forward his ideas. He has lots of leadership skills but needs confidence to put his thoughts forward more and not be so reliant on Ralph. Out of all of these boys, I think that the best person to be leader would be Piggy, because he is the most logical and forward, he knows what his priorities are and what needs to be done. Although he may get some trouble trying to get everyone to listen to him, especially Jack, that is normal for such a large group of boys that are so young. ...read more.

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