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Lord of the Flies book Review.

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Lord of the Flies book Review William Golding was born in Cornwall in 1911 and was educated at Marlborough Grammar School. Lord of the Flies is just one of the many novels he has written. All of these books have incredible story lines with non-stop adventure. They also all seem to address some of the controversial subjects facing our society today. The novel begins of a plane crash in the Pacific Ocean during a war. A group of English schoolboys are isolated on what they assume to be an island under no adult supervision. Ralph, Jack, Simon, Piggy, Roger, Bill, Robert, Harold, Henry, Sam, and Eric are a few of the boys who were trapped on the island. ...read more.


He is the leader of a group of hostile boys and is chief of the hunters. He and his hunters become detached from the world of peace Ralph creates. Jack is the main reason why the island becomes full of chaos and corruption. In the end there is a struggle between good and evil. The ending of the novel concludes in a showdown between the two. The basic theme of Lord of the Flies is that rules and cooperation make the world what it is today. It dealt with the many flaws and desires of human nature, and how devastating these factors can be to a culture with no directions or order to follow. ...read more.


I think all serious readers would like this book. I also think readers who are interested in human behaviour would like this book because of the way it demonstrates the many sides of human nature, values, and morals. I really enjoyed Lord of the Flies. It is a well written, well thought out writing that depicts the evils of human nature. In my opinion, the book definitely gets five stars. It was the best adventure story that I have read so far. I would recommend Lord of the Flies to a person who has an interest in action adventure type books. I felt that it was a fairly easy book to understand. It would be a good book for readers between the grades of eight and twelve, especially for readers who have wondered what it would be like to be stranded on an island. Robert Struk ...read more.

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