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Lord Of The Flies by William Golding Q: Why did things on the island fall apart?

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Lord Of The Flies by William Golding Q: Why did things on the island fall apart? When the boys landed on the island after their plane crash, they thought it was great and thought it was going to be fun to be without adults. However as the book went on the situation of the island slowly fell apart. There were very early signs in the book that things could fall apart for example Piggy was made fun of for being overweight and he also wore glasses and had asthma, these weaknesses where in my opinion a sign that things could go bad on the island. Further on in the book, when Ralph and Piggy met Jack and the choir, they had a clash of personalities, they didn't separate straight away but you could sense that they could and the clash of personalities was a big factor in things falling apart on the island. You could sense there was a clash in personalities because Jack Merridew was very arrogant and intimidating. this intimidated Piggy, which was straight away a negative thing on the island. ...read more.


Cut her throat. Spill her blood ' This was evidence that Jack was becoming more twisted as an individual, and his passion for hunting started the rows and fights on the island. This aggravated Piggy a great deal, and Piggy confronted Jack by saying ' You and your blood, Jack Merridew! You and your hunting! We might have gone home - ' Jack eventually retaliated by hitting Piggy. Jack would continually pick on Piggy because he was an easy target. Jack never really liked Ralph on the other hand but they had this mutual respect for each other, which was continually being tested. Jack was building up a kind of respect and following, people feared him, and he gained respect from them, he could do whatever he wanted because no one had the guts to confront him. For example he continued to talk without the conch, which was a rule that seemed not to apply to Jack, this was a sign that things were falling apart because they were forgetting about the rules. The longer they stayed on the island the boys started losing their minds and were becoming less logical. ...read more.


There was a great rivalry between the groups and Jacks group invaded Ralph's camp and attacked them, as a warning shot to what could later happen, they also took Piggy's glasses as a kind of bait so Ralph and the others would go searching for Jack. This lead to the killing of Piggy, and the death of Piggy left Ralph to fend for his self because 'Samneric' had been taken hostages. The death of Simon and Piggy resulted in Ralph fighting for his life, on his own. Jack and the others decided to set the island on fire and chase after Ralph, this proved they were just savages because they didn't think about the consequences of setting the island alight, this would matter in the end because Ralph escaped the fire along with the littluns and Jack and the others got trapped in the fire. Although the end seemed to cut off short and it took a while to get into the actual story I thought Lord Of The Flies was a great book and well written. I liked the way Golding wove secret messages throughout the book. I can say I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Keiran Mustafa ...read more.

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