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Lord of the Flies" Chapter 13TearsThe naval officer turned to stare at the motor boat as it sailed up to the beach, giving the boy's time to dry their eyes

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"Lord of the Flies" Chapter 13 Tears The naval officer turned to stare at the motor boat as it sailed up to the beach, giving the boy's time to dry their eyes. Ralph turned to look at the roaring flames that leapt up from the island, everything that it touched crumpled. Ralph felt the tears well up in his eyes, as he thought about the time he and the other boys spent on the island. At first things had been going well, they had learned how to survive in their new environment. But soon, Jack's lust for power had corrupted them. They had begun to war and kill, eventually setting the island alight. Finally, when Ralph and the boys stopped crying, the British officer turned back to them and gave them a genuine smile. For all of his experience of warfare, he still couldn't understand why the children had done the things they did. Turning away from his dark thoughts, the officer looked the children up and down, mostly Ralph, and said, "Come with me, and we'll take you aboard my motor boat. ...read more.


Ralph ran and ran, breathing in and out rapidly. He tripped over a rock, and he skinned his knee. But he just picked himself up again and continued to run. Finally, after several minutes of running, Ralph came to the place where the tribe used to stay. After a few moments of searching, Ralph finally gave up what he was looking for. Realising that his time was almost up, Ralph quickly ran back to the meeting place as fast as his legs could carry him. And he made it, just barely. "Right, everyone out on to the motor boat!" ordered the naval officer. The trip out to the motor boat was spent in total silence. What words might have been spoken were lost to shock. They all stepped up the stairs onto the motor boat. Ralph led the procession followed by the littluns, and then Jack and the choir. Ralph could barely contain himself as he walked along. Disappointed about in failure to find what he was looking for. ...read more.


Ralph did not stare for much longer, for his eyes began to filll up with tears. Ralph ripped his gaze away from Jack's, and stared at the ground, instead. "Nnnothing," he finally stuttered. Ralph began to stand, but Roger rose a bit as Ralph did, and then shoved him back down. Ralph stared at Roger confused and searching for some kind of twisted answer. "Huh?" "Go on, talk," Roger said, gesturing toward Jack. "I don't have anything to say," Ralph said sternly. "No, you came over here to say something. Now say it," Roger growled. Ralph now took notice that Roger out of all the others had not cried. Before he managed to get a reply back, the motor boat halted, stopping beside a cruiser. "All out onto the cruiser!" called the naval officer. Everyone stood up instantly. While they started out, Jack cut in front of Ralph, shoving something into Ralph's hands. Ralph hesitated, but he finally looked down as Jack walked on. There Jack had left in Ralph's possession was a pair of spectacles, with both lenses broken. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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