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Lord Of The Flies Chapter 4: Painted faces And Long hair

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Lord Of The Flies Chapter 4: Painted faces And Long hair At the beginning of this chapter the link with moral order and civilisation is still present This is noticeable when Roger is throwing stones but makes sure they do no hit Henry. This is because "the taboo of the old life" is still strong, "Round the squatting child was the protection of parents and school and policemen and the law" However there is a suggestion that civilisation is becoming remote for the boys "Rogers arm was conditioned by a civilisation that new nothing of him and was in ruins" Civilisation is a distant memory. Roger and Maurice are beginning to behave differently towards the littluns. They kicked their sand castles over, buried the flowers and scattered the chosen stones. They enjoy doing this, something they would have not done in their past life as they would have been punished by their parents. Maurice realises this while walking away as he "still felt the unease of a wrong-doing." ...read more.


and a steam engine." Piggy, keen to be accepted misinterprets Ralph's smile as a friendly gesture but Ralph becomes dismissive and moves away. The boys suddenly realise that their fire has gone out and a ship passes by without seeing them. Ralph hears the hunting processions chanting led by Jack. During the early days Jack could not bring himself to kill a pig. However killing has now become acceptable. The boys involved in the hunt have broken what was earlier, a taboo. Not only are they now prepared to kill, they actually take real pleasure in doing so "Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood." Pg 72. The behaviour on the island is becoming inhuman and barbaric. There is a danger that if the boys develop a desire for killing and their society becomes violent, they may be tempted to harm each other, not just the animals. It is noticeable that in this chapter, where a pig is killed for the first time, there is violence between Jack and Piggy. ...read more.


This also shows that Jack is not thinking logically as Piggy's specs are vital for the signal and cooking fire. Jack then mocks Piggy and this behaviour makes the other hunters laugh. This encourages Jack even more. Ralph is angry with himself for smiling at the situation. Jack later apologises for letting the fire out "I'm sorry about the fire, I mean. There. I-" The hunters admire this apology and it earns him more respect among the group even though his apology was not sincere. This chapter shows the first signs of moral disorder and de-civilisation. The boy's behaviour deteriorates and violence becomes acceptable. This may be because the boys need to survive on the island. They do not have the luxuries of their past life and they need to kill for food. In this environment you have to be strong to survive so Jack tries to assert himself and gain support from others. There are no written laws or rules of behaviour on the island and his is the reason why order breaks down. In civilisation there are laws and rules telling you how to behave otherwise you are punished. ...read more.

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