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Lord of the Flies character sketch. One of the first characters to be introduced in the novel, Lord of the Flies by William Golding is Ralph.

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LORD OF THE FLIES CHARACTER SKETCH - RALPH - BY TIM KWOK One of the first characters to be introduced in the novel, Lord of the Flies by William Golding is Ralph. He can be described as a boy with "fair hair", around twelve years old, wide shoulders, and with "a mildness about his mouth and eyes that proclaimed no devil". Back home before Ralph got stuck on the island, he was living at home with his mom and his dad who was a "Navy commander". When he falls asleep he dreams about his life back at home where he is "feeding the ponies with sugar over the garden wall". Ralph along with Piggy are the first characters introduced in chapter one of the novel. ...read more.


He is unable to get all the other boys to help out around the island as indicated when he says, "People don't help much". Ralph is also a character who understand what the priority is, as shown through out the novel when he is constantly stressing the importance of keeping the "fire" going. As the novel progresses, Ralph and Jack begin to quarrel and Ralph is left by Jack and a bunch of other boys. This is due to his lack in discipline towards the other boys. At this point in the novel he also starts to acknowledge Piggy as a good friend. The further the novel progresses the more people leave Ralph and the less confident he becomes in himself and his ability to stay civilized. ...read more.


Since he lacked discipline toward his followers, they all left him and became savages which destroyed his society. Due to Ralph's lack of laws and rules, the society is destroyed. Through out the novel, Ralph underwent many changes and displayed many characteristics. He started out as a civilized young boy as well as the leader of a group of boys. Near the end of the novel he was just short of being a savage and was being hunted by the boys whom he once led. His character can be indirectly inferred by his concern for other boys, his modest actions, and his lack of discipline. From the events in the novel Ralph is used to show the theme of the downfall of social order due to a lack of rules and laws. ...read more.

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