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Lord of the Flies Coursework

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Lord of the Flies Coursework "We've got to have rules and obey them. After all we're not savages." This essay is about the above statement which was said by Jack in chapter 2. The essay is going to be about Jack's character, the move to savagery and how William Golding presents this book to us. The statement does not really portray the real character of Jack because throughout the first few chapters Jack is described to be the one who likes savagery, violence and power. The book constantly tells us that there are two sides to human nature: The instinct to follow rules and live in order or break the rules and live like savages. The boys arrived on a desolated island because their plane had been shot down and they had to be abandoned on this island. Two of the boys, Ralph and Piggy find a conch on the beach and use it to call the other boys on the island. A mass of black marched towards Ralph in a single file and their leader, Jack Merridew, stood out from the rest because of a golden badge on his cap. ...read more.


Jack quickly draws out his knife but does not stab the pig. His failure to do so makes him angry and fills him up with fury. He says that that next time he will show no mercy and he stabs the knife into a tree trunk. This point in the book sets off the evil within Jack because from this point forward all he wants to do is hunt and be savage. The conch has a very big significance in the book. It is a symbol of safety, unity, democracy and a symbol of leadership. The conch is made as an item all the boys will give their attention to. During the second meeting the boys have decided that the conch should be in someone's hand for them to have a right to speak. The conch is order and civilization and without it would be anarchy amongst the boys. The mountain is a place where the boys decide to make the fire so it is the place which could help them to be rescued from the island. ...read more.


These kinds of chants produce a military rhythm and were chanted by wild men centuries ago. Jack is chanting them now which means that he is bringing savagery from the past into their lives today and it is going to turn them like the wild men. Jack, possessed with the idea of killing a pig, camouflages his face with dirt and mud from the ground to help him kill the pig. When he returns from the jungle he is covered with blood of the pig making him look barbaric. This sort of change in appearance is another type of move to savagery and atavism. Jack's bloodlust and thirst for power have overwhelmed his interest in civilisation. In conclusion, the move from civilised to savagery is William Golding's main message. The evil within a human soul can take over and move the person away from civilisation and into savagery. In the first meeting the boys chose a leader, Ralph, whom they would follow but after a few chapters most of the boys play or want to hunt like Jack. At the start everyone wanted to build society but after Jack overtook the camp everyone wants to go back to savagery. This implies in our communities and that everyone can be evil. Ahsan Raza ...read more.

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