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Lord of the Flies Essay - Explain why Simon is often misunderstood in the novel and what his part represents in the novel

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Lord of the Flies Essay - Explain why Simon is often misunderstood in the novel and what his part represents in the novel In the novel 'Lord of the Flies' Simon is the main outcast throughout the novel, he is never truly accepted, and this leads to his death, although Simon may well be the most intelligent person and philosophical thinker out of all the boys. There is a point with in the novel where Simon, symbolic of Jesus Christ, confronts the Lord of the Flies. This is a pig's head on a stick that is imagined to talk and represent the evil in all humans. ...read more.


Unfortunately, his message doesn't get through. Simon must therefore be considered the closest thing the novel has to a hero. He wins the respect of the reader but it is difficult to see in him some other qualities we normally expect of a hero. The main reason I think Simon is misunderstood is because the others aren't familiar with his philosophical thoughts and see him as a threat, because they are na�ve and don't understand him, so the solution is to get rid of him. The first impression of Simon the readers get is in the first chapter, when he faints, even then the other boys don't seem to like him, making remarks like "He's always throwing a faint." ...read more.


When Simon states that the beast is not real, Jack and Ralph flinch, as they obviously believe the beast exists. "As if... the beastie, the beastie or the snake thing, was real, remember?" Later on in the chapter, Ralph is complaining about the little'uns not helping with the chapters, but says that Simon has worked extensively. "Simon. He helps...he's done as much as I have" This suggests that although Simon looks a bit weedy he does have physical strength. To conclude I believe Simon is misunderstood because the other boys are too na�ve to appreciate his thinking, and he was put in the novel ass a hero in disguise that the other boys just see as an outcast and don't realise that he understands the beast and the island but they just can't see it. ...read more.

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