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Lord of the Flies Essay

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LORD OF THE FLIES Lord of the Flies begins with friendship and ends in death and violence. How does Golding present change and what is shown by this? At the beginning of the novel when the boys first arrive on the island the boys form an assembly and go through rules - inspired by their home lives. Ralph is called "chief" by the majority of the group and encourages the boys to think and act responsibly. Ralph and Piggy symbolise the most civilized characters of the novel proven by the leadership they show together throughout the text. The rules set by Ralph are effective at first as Jack cannot bring himself to kill a wild piglet and Roger does not throw stones because of the "taboo of the old life". ...read more.


Violence begins to break out over the responsibilities of the fire. They each have their own responsibility to keep it going, and Jack and the "hunters" abandon their duties and hunt for a pig. The fire goes out, and when Piggy reminds Jack of his duty he hits him in the head and breaks his glasses. The broken glasses is a symbol of the break in friendship, civilized behaviour and responsibility within the group. Ralph is observing the rules he has laid out are "slipping away" and understands the consequences which can arise because of this, but he has no way of stopping the "hunters". ...read more.


The "hunters" decide to "kill the beast" replacing their sinister chant of "kill the pig", this indicates the beginning of the man hunt towards Ralph. Jack calls the dancing and chanting "our dance" implying he is the ruler of the island and uses "ululation" as they hunt down Ralph, the only civilised member of the population of the island. Ralph becomes upset that dirty clothes have become "normal" and realises that the boys have lost their standards and values. The change from the friendship and discipline in the beginning of the novel to the violence leading to death presented in the end of the novel is a gradual change, which as a reader, you don't seem to notice as the book goes on, you forget about the friendliness at the beginning because of the gripping language and description of the events. ...read more.

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