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Lord of the Flies - Explain What Went Wrong On The Island And Why, In Order To Examine What You Think Golding Has To Say About How Societies Operate.

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Explain What Went Wrong On The Island And Why, In Order To Examine What You Think Golding Has To Say About How Societies Operate On the first page of the book there is immediately a link to the adult world and the civilization that has been adapted there. There is a reference to the "Home Counties". This shows that already, the writer is telling the reader of the links that may be made throughout the book about the adult world and its comparisons to the life in the jungle. Societies operate in many different ways and there are many factors that influence this fact. In the book Golding tries to highlight what these factors are and how they cause disruption and peace within a society. By approaching this from different angles the reader is able to get a better outline of what Golding is trying to represent and can therefore fully appreciate the wonders of his writings. One of the angles that he approaches the way societies operate from is by using the leader as an example. Throughout the duration of the book there is a feeling of complete rivalry as the two main contenders 'fight' for the right to be the leader of all other boys on the island. ...read more.


This quotation shows how the opposition's skills can be used to work in conjunction with their own; instead they are just wasted on a solo performance. Towards the end of the novel there is juxtaposition in the leadership, as Ralph begins to loose control over the boys to his opponent, Jack. The remaining boys are promised fun, food and security by Jack with no rules nor work. Ralph realises that this method of controlling people will bear fruits as they are promised untold treasures. As 'the mob' grows ever stronger a dictatorship system is employed by Jack to hunt out the remaining members of Ralph's tribe and to kill them. At the beginning of the novel this preposterous idea would have seemed to be way beyond any kind of recognition, yet as the characters became more primitive and seemed to reverse the role of evolution it became a much more plausible. If all of the boys knew their place in society then some of the horrific events on the island may not have happened. The problem occurs when more than one person decides they want to take the responsibility as leader. ...read more.


In the book every time there is a mention of the beast it seems to bring the boys closer together, no matter how bad their 'political' state is. Through a feeling of fear they are untied to combat 'the beast' and restore a feeling allegiance. This is the only time when both Ralph and Jack can work together and actually co-operate so that both tribes can be helped. "Jack and Ralph turned the shoulder of the mountain together." This quote shows how that when hunting the beast they can work alongside each other and make a formidable partnership. Golding has used the book as an example of how societies do operate. There are many different types of leader but this does not always dictate how civilization will be effected. Most leaders need to be elected to be able to run a certain area. They are chosen by the people and this is what Golding highlights. If Jack hadn't of revolted against the decision, who knows what would have happened on the island. In the end the boys are overcome with their own power and manage to destroy all form of civilization that they once started to have. The moral in this story is for people to know their role in society and not to exceed it by attempting to overthrow an elected leader. ...read more.

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