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Lord of the Flies. From the start of the novel, the children are unable to unite and work together.

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´╗┐Jessica Porter Mrs. Curd 11 October 2010 4th Block From the start of the novel, the children are unable to unite and work together. This lack of teamwork and order is a major factor hindering their survival. For example, in chapter three, Jack separates himself from the group to go hunt for a pig, while the others stay at the campsite building shelter. On page 41 Ralph accusingly says, "You remember the meeting? How everyone was going to work hard until the shelters were finished?" and Jack replies with, "Except the hunters. Well, the littluns are-." Immediately the group is broken up into three sections. The large group consists of the hunters, who follow Jack into the woods to hunt for unnecessary luxuries. The second group consists of littluns that act on impulse and rummage around the island playing games. Finally Ralph's small group dedicates themselves to survival and essential teamwork. These three groups all have different interests from one another and their stubbornness and single mindedness does not allow them to unite with one another to create a "successful" society. ...read more.


Unfortunately Ralph waits too long to enforce these rules after they have been repeatedly broken and therefore hope for order rapidly weakens. If the simple day to day tasks are not performed, the quality of life will quickly deteriorate and each child will be left fighting for himself. In chapter six, the boys miss an opportunity where they could have been saved. The lack of commitment is proven when, "In theory one should have been asleep and one on watch. But they could never manage to do things sensibly if that meant acting independently...they had both gone to sleep" (84). Sam and Eric did not live up to their responsibilities. The fire, which was their most important tool for survival, had been neglected when it was most needed. The planes flew overhead that night and no signal was there to attract their attention. The group had abandoned all strategies created to insure their survival and therefore will suffer the consequences. The biggest asset to a group's survival is the strength of the leaders. ...read more.


They have become barbarians. After brutalizing the sow, they assault Simon and deliberately beat him causing an agonizing death then dump his dead body off a cliff. Their savagery has escalated and they have totally lost control of themselves and each other. Ralph even says, "I'm frightened. Of us" (140). There is no telling what the group is capable of. The beast is no longer the enemy as Jack's group has risen to power. All civilization and sanity has been lost and the island has turned into nothing but a survival of the fittest. The boys? society has been extinguished, much like the fire...both due to lack of responsibility and rules among the boys. William Golding illustrates the importance of a structured society in the Lord of the Flies. The lack of civilization on the island not only shows us what is required for the survival but also the gruesome consequences that result from the depths people will go to for survival. It is clear that society requires laws, order and good leadership. These rules and laws must been forced with fair and just consequences to provide sound guidelines and maintain a society. ...read more.

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