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Lord of the Flies - Imagery in Chapter 1

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Lord of the Flies Imagery Chapter 1 * The place where the plane crashed: it symbolizes 'a wound' in nature- the children will ruin the "innocence" of the island. The place became known as 'The Scar'. This is also seen on pg.37, where another scar is created by Jack throwing down a boulder into the forest. One may see this as a simple children`s game, but we already see a germ of evil in Jack`s intensions. On pg.38, there are the words "gash"and "splintered trunks". This shows that their presence on the island is looked upon like a 'gash' and a 'scar'- a WOUND. This episode shows us the monstrous element the boys have inside the. ...read more.


On pg.36 we see Jack's evil intentions from the beginning when he feels like pushing down a rock. On pg. 40, Jack, Simon and Ralph are speaking about flowers that look like candles - this is a sign of death. This is noticed by Simon, however Jack shows his lack of harmony with nature when he says that they can`t be eaten- this is a EUTORITAURIAL APPROACH. The candles are in a way related to cemeteries and the church. * PINK- the conch, represents Peace and Harmony. Pink is a soft colour that shows the happiness and glamour inside the body but later on we will see their happiness and glamour change into horror and despair. ...read more.


For example: when Ralph 'jokingly' hits Simon however later on he will take part in Simon's murder. The crow which is an omen of evil and bad luck. * There is a clear distinction between this book and the Coral Island. There is no separation between boys and savages, good and evil, Christianity and cannibalism, British and savages in this book. Were as in the Coral island this distinction comes out many times. This is because the two authors had different views: Ballantyne believed that good and evil were intertwined were as Golding didn`t. * The killing of the piglet would symbolise the loss of innocence. Even though all the boys know this Jack still feels the need to justify himself for not killing the pig. And through this we see Jack resembling primitive man through his actions. ...read more.

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