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Lord of the flies - Out-line the

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LORD OF THE FLIES ESSAY SAM JOHNSON Out-line the "civilization" the boys attempt to establish on the island. How and why does this descend into anarchy? When the boys first crashed on the island, they tried to create a civilization like the one they had in their homeland, Britain. When Ralph and Piggy first found the conch, they used it like a town bell, to call everyone to a meeting, so they would be able to elect a leader and start an ordered society. This worked very well, as boys all over the island heard it, and came to Ralph and Piggy. This was the first step towards an ordered civilization. At the first meeting, there was an election, and Ralph was elected to be the chief of the tribe. ...read more.


In doing all this, they were starting a small civilisation so they would be able to survive while they waited for rescue. Their civilization showed cracks from the start, when they tried to light the signal fire Ralph could not control all the kids and they made the fire too big, leading to it sweeping down the mountain and killing the little boy with the birthmark. Jack assigned himself to the job of hunter. He had lost face with the other children when they had not elected him as leader as he had expected. By making himself hunter he thought he might win back some face when he got them some of the meat which they had been craving. ...read more.


As the book went on thought you could see that he was not old enough, not in control of everything, as much as he would have had to have been to have the respect of every other child on the island. Ralph led with fairness, commonsense and a good work ethic while Jack led with fear, promises of luxuries such as meat and fun, and tried to make Ralph look bad. Basically the children's civilization was never going to happen. Ralph did not have enough control over the children, let alone over Jack. The children got scared by the 'beasty', everyone will always have a 'beasty' they are scared of, its human nature to be scared of something and if everyone else is scared of something we are likely to go along with it. Add this to the split created by Jack and Ralph's leadership problems, this was the main reason the island descended into anarchy. ...read more.

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