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Lord of the flies - Piggy.

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Lord of the flies essay Lord of the flies is a novel about a group of boys who crash land on a island and are left to fend for themselves. Piggy is a fat boy who wears thick spectacles. Piggy lives with his aunty and has asthma. Piggy is a clever, cautious and rational thinking boy. Piggy is very cautious he admits to Ralph that he can not swim he says "I can't swim I wasn't allowed, my asthma, my aunty wouldn't let me, blow on account of my asthma". This shows that piggy is very cautious about entering the water and does not on account of his asthma. ...read more.


Ralph is the only one on the island that finally appreciates Piggy's intelligence. At first Ralph thought in the same way as the others but in the end changed his mind and realised that he was the only intelligent one on the island. Piggy is a victim, Piggy chooses to make himself a victim. He stood outside the circle of boys. He chooses to exclude himself from the other boys as he strongly believes that he is different not just because he is physically different but mentally too. He feels different because all the other boys make fun of him an do not include him in what they are doing. ...read more.


He also loves power he said "I ought to be chief he said with simple arrogance". When Jack singles out Piggy it makes him feel good about himself it makes him feel powerful he only picks on Piggy because he is different amd can not stick up for himself. Jack knows that he is an easy target. I feel Piggy is an important character in the novel as Piggy is the only one with the brains and he is the only one except Ralph that thinks about been rescued and about the future. I believe that it is Piggy's intelligence helps them to survive but when Piggy died and the conch smashed the symbol for intelligence, order and logic died with him. So there fore Piggy is an important figure in the novel as he help the natural leader Ralph make the vital decisions. ...read more.

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