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Lord of the Flies - Ralph and Jacks struggle for leadership.

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At first Ralph was really enthusiastic about being on the island, because there was no adults and it was like the paradise islands he had read about in books. "Perhaps there aren't any grown ups anywhere." Ralph and the other boys were really excited about exploring the island. Ralph also had a na�ve belief in is father rescuing him because he was in the navy. "When he gets leave he'll come and rescue us." At first Ralph is elected to become leader this gives him responsibility. Then Ralph gives jack the choir to become hunters but then he tries to organise the boys. The fire becomes a disaster because first it goes out then they argue and a huge fire breaks out. "him with the mark on his face, I don't see him. ...read more.


But as we get further into the novel Ralph starts to realise Piggy's strengths and sees that he is a good and strong friend. Whilst Ralph's relationship with jack causes him to change so does the disappointment he suffers on the island. As he spends more time on the island he realises that he has become dirty, his hair has grown and he cant do anything about it. "You're chief. You tell 'em off." Also he realises that he has had to work to build the shelters and make a routine he also finds that he has limitations as a leader as the boys on the island start to ignore him and he becomes disillusioned. Ralph's disappointments slowly progress into life threatening problems in the beast a lot of the littluns believe it is some kind of snake thing but some others think it is the body on top of the mountain. ...read more.


The reason the hunt to the death began was because Ralph tried to hide after the rest of the boys had joined the tribe but jack found him and set up a line of savages to find him. Ralph's view of the island has completely changed from the view of Paradise Island to a hellish island. When the naval officer arrives Ralph remembers the start of the island and declares himself the leader again. The naval officer asks if a war had happened not knowing just how right he was. I have described how Ralph changes through out the novel in step-by-step parts including quotes as further evidence to how Ralph has changed. If you think about what Golding is showing in his novel it is really about how evil lies in the soul of every human being it just takes more to bring it out in some than others. ...read more.

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