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Lord of the Flies - Visual appeal versus intense description.

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Lord of the Flies- Final Essay Honors English- Fall 2002 Visual appeal versus intense description Both the Lord of the Flies novel and the 1963 Peter Brook film were amazing pieces of prose. Both mediums truly depicted the theme that savagery exists in everyone if one was given the chance to show it. Throughout both mediums the civilized boys that landed on the "island paradise" slowly became uncivilized and barbaric since they were not under the strict power and rule of their elders. They blamed their savagery on a pretend fearsome creature, when the evil that was contained within them was brought on by themselves. The movie left a stronger impression than the novel due to the fact that its story line was far more obvious and overblown. Both mediums were extremely alike with some minor exceptions. The 1963 Peter Brook film was more effective than the novel. This was so because it gave a visual depiction of what was actually being portrayed. Due to its obvious structure it gave an expected and intended result. In both mediums the plot was that small boys crash into a tropical island. In the beginning they are all ecstatic that they are without rules and restrictions on this tropical island. ...read more.


Piggy, the intellectual who lacked physical stamina also held on to civilization and was killed by Jack's tribe. Jack Merridew was a dramatic character. He went from a civilized choir leader to an uncivilized hunter and savage who was responsible for much of the savagery that overtook the boys. Simon was the visionary of the group and was killed before he could tell everyone the true nature of the beast that they all feared. He was an artistic and sensible mystic and remained civilized throughout the story. The symbols of the story were conveyed better in the movie because they were not shown in an underlying and subtle way like in the novel but were conveyed very outright and in an obvious form. The main symbols were the fire, which represented means of rescue, hope, and civilization; Piggy's glasses which represented civilization and intelligence; and the conch which represented authority and civil debate. All of these symbols were treasured by Ralph and Piggy because they all had means of civilization which they wanted. The film outright displayed in a visual appearance what was going on. Nothing was hidden or subtle like in the novel that Golding created. ...read more.


Some sacrifices were made to preserve the story and the medium. In the film the pig's head was not ever labeled as the Lord of the flies like in the novel. It never talked. If the pig talked the film would have been extremely odd since the effects that would have made it talk would have been unrealistic. In both the movie and film sacrifices such as Ralph, the protagonist, not dying and the story ending with them getting saved were needed to preserve the story. The story of Lord of the Flies in both movie and book form were amazing pieces of art. The underlying meaning and point made in both mediums was that there is a dark side of human nature and that each member of humankind has this dark side. The island paradise conveyed was not only a symbol of Utopia but the Garden of Eden. In the beginning life could not have been better for all the small boys inhabiting the island but due to their young age, outside influences, and no adult intervention this paradise turned into a living hell inhabited by numerous evil beasts. The story shows how without a civilized influence(adult) small children can go wild. At age 12 and younger children need guidance and structure. The corrupted savages of the island paradise are perfect examples of independence for young children. ...read more.

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