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Lord of the Flies - Who in my opinion would have been the best leader "Ralph, piggy or jack".

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Who in my opinion would have been The best leader "Ralph, piggy or jack" The lord of the flies began by a plane crash near the Pacific Ocean during an unnamed war in which a group of English schoolboys are lonely on an island, under no adult control. They are left on the island to feed themselves and fight their own battles. The boys started to make rules and laws in which everyone had to follow, but they tended to have arguments with each other when deciding rules. They collapse from their friendships because they didn't agree with the decisions or rules they made. The story starts off with a young character called Ralph. Ralph is a very organised person, making the reader becomes inclined to think that he is also an intelligent individual. He seems certain throughout the book that his father, a commander in the Navy, will come and rescue him and his peers. He was eventually chosen to be a designated leader of the group by the others. This is most likely because he is a polite character and he also carried the advantage of being one of the older members of the group. Piggy was Ralph's best friend; this is largely due to the fact that he listened to what he said and didn't hesitate to follow his rules. Eventually, as time passed by, piggy developed into a father figure towards the younger boys. ...read more.


When he saw the beast he stepped back and got scared. Then he went to take a closer look at the beast and he found out that it was only a person made out of parachute which always got blown by the wind and makes it move. It pretended that if it was a real beast. Simon went running down the mountain and ran through the forest to tell everyone that there is no beast. While he is returning the boys saw that there was figure coming down. Someone shouted out that it's a beast. Everyone rushed towards him and stabbed him several times until he can't move. Then they stopped stabbing it and found out that the dead body was Simon. Ralph was in tears about Simon death. Now there were only piggy and Eric left on his side. Ralph told piggy that this was a murder. Piggy replied that it was too dark to see, it was also raining with thunders. It was accident said piggy. We couldn't see who it was. It could have been anyone. Jack had stolen piggy glasses and their fire place. They had fort near the cliffs. Ralph and piggy went to the castle to collect piggy specs from jack, because they needed the specs to light the fire so they can be rescued of from the island. Piggy told jack that he has got the conch and he has got the right to talk. ...read more.


Slowly, slowly my friend piggy raised his hand up at last. I told them that I am the chief, I will tell you lot what to do and what not to do. I structured everyone some fundamental things and told my group to follow some crucial regulations so we can be rescued of from the island. My main rule was to maintain the fire going so we can be noticed on the island and then can be capable of being rescued. Later on jack stopped listening to my rules because he said that I don't do anything for hunting or I don't feed the little children's. From then jack never listened to me and always wondered off to do hunting or to have fun on the beach. During jack's hunting, he killed a pig and became so excited to tell this news to me. I wasn't bothered if they had killed a pig or not because I told them that there was a ship out there. If you lot didn't have gone off to hunting we could have gone home. Your stupid plans to go for hunting had failed me the group, also let out the fire. I was disappointed of being a leader of my group. My worries are that I wish that everyone had worked in a group and then we can have been rescued off from the island soon as possible. Everyone didn't do as i told them to, except from my best friend piggy. ...read more.

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