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Lord ofthe flies - Passage Based Question.

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Passage Based Question Golding implements his use of language and choice of words to make this a disturbing part of the novel. We can see this on many occasions throughout the passage. And what makes this passage so important is the boys attitudes changing and developing on a number of issues and taboos. In the beginning part of this passage the reader can see that the hunters have just tried to kill their first pig and at the same time overcoming the taboo in question, which is, whether it's right to kill an animal for food. The reader can see that Ralph is full "Of fright and apprehension" and most importantly "Pride" when he hit the boar with his spear and we notice that "He sunned himself in their new respect and felt that hunting was good after all". ...read more.


Kill him!" the boys have overcome another Taboo; not one of is it right to kill animals but one of is it right to injure other people for the sake of the game. Another disturbing part of the passage is the language and imagery involved in "Make a ring!" Here we can imagine a giant set of claws engulfing Robert ready to kill leaving him no escape. And as Robert "Squealed in mock terror, then in real pain" we see that the boys playing the game can easily get carried away without them knowing just how much damage their causing. As "The butt end of the spear fell on his back", and the rest of the boys started to "Hold him!" ...read more.


It is in these games were the boys get carried away and Ralph feels a great sense of unease as he realises that it was "Just a game". At the end of this passage the reader sees that the boys want to make it even more realistic by adding a drum and a fire, when the idea of a real pig is comprehended then Jack believes that this is too mundane and that "Because you've got to kill him", a littlun should be used and although "Everybody laughed" the reader does not know whether the response was intended as a joke because we already know that Jack believes that the littluns are a waste of space as they do not contribute to the society on the island, and therefore this response is showing us how much resentment Jack has towards the littluns. ...read more.

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