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Lost, Alone but Free At Last

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Lost, Alone but Free at Last 'Run, get into the house, QUICK!' Hans Wenger shouted out to his family. They were being chased by the German Authorities. Not because they were criminals, but because they were Jews living in Nazi Germany, 1940. They had been hiding from the authorities for almost a year. Hans' family consisted of his wife Anneliese and their three children Leila, 11, Leopold, 9 and Greta, 8, they meant everything to Hans and he would sacrifice his own life to keep them safe. Once the family were safe inside the basement of the old abandoned house Hans sat on the edge of an ancient, mouldy sofa. Greta jumped up onto his knee with an innocent smile on her face. Just the way Hans liked it, his children not knowing how unsafe they were. 'Daddy, why were those people trying to catch us? Are we in trouble? We always run away from them! Daddy, why?' Hans' face fell, Greta knew something was wrong. It was what he feared the most, and he knew he had to explain somehow. 'Liebliag, you do know who Hitler is, yes?' Hans looked at Greta, who was shaking her head, her little blonde curls bouncing, 'well Greta, he is the leader of Germany, which means he gets to decide everything that happens in the country. ...read more.


Anneliese had to do heavy labour work, from the break of dawn until the sunset at dusk. She got little sleep and ate just about nothing. All Anneliese could think about, no matter how hard she was working, was her children. So many questions were going through her mind. Had they all made the journey to Newquay, Cornwall by themselves? Was Greta still observant to everything around her? Was Leila being educated again? Was Leopold looking after his sisters? Had they learnt English? She thought about how grown up her children would look now, the girls beautiful and her little man handsome, like his father. But every time they were pictured in her head, she fought that little bit more, edging closer and closer to survival and freedom. Four painful years later, Anneliese won her battle. She had survived and she was going to go back to her house. When she got there, she wished she hadn't. She was expecting there to be a few belongings in the basement she'd lived in with her family for so long. But nothing. The walls were now jet black, ash on the floor and just a few remnants of what had been there before. ...read more.


Anneliese was now so excited she couldn't help smiling, for first time in years and instantly Anneliese knew everything would be OK. 'I do know exactly where all three are, but please what is your name?' 'My name? Well, it's Anneliese Wenger. Why?' 'It's me Mutti, Leila. I read your letter only 2 hours ago, I thought you were dead' Leila was so happy, excited and joyful. She knew that if she wished hard enough it would come true. Her mother had come all this way to find them. 'Please Mutti, come inside and meet Victoria, she's the lady that's been looking after us and Greta, she'll be so happy to see you! She always talks about you and father!' Leila was so excited about introducing her mother to Victoria. After a long day Anneliese, Leila, Greta and Victoria sat squashed on one sofa. Greta on her mothers lap, Leila clinging onto her arm and Victoria on the other side of Anneliese, the two of them talking like sisters. The moment was almost perfect. The only thing wrong with the moment was Anneliese had lost a husband and a son, while her children had lost a father and a brother. Hans Wenger died in 1943 at Auschwitz Concentration Camp Leopold Wenger died in 1940 during the journey to England due to poor hygiene ?? ?? ?? ?? Freya Scott-Brown, Year 10 GCSE Short Story 1 ...read more.

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