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Lost and found

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E thel, clutching her ham sandwiches in one hand and her walking stick in the other, rambled along the park lane. The leaves in a colourful array crunched and crackled beneath her feet. This was the same lane that Billy and I used to walk down, she thought sadly. Billy was Ethel's husband who at the age of 83, had recently passed away. They had spent fifty, long, happy years together, but Billy had always suffered from heart problems. Now Ethel would spend her days in front of the fire on her rocking chair, reading a book, solving crossword puzzles or just napping. The only things that she could look forward to were her bingo and a walk down to the park. It was a dry and crisp autumn day. There was a light breeze blowing, however a large, dark grey cloud hid the sun. She sat down on the familiar brown, pine, park bench, opened her sandwich bag and tucked in. As she ate and enjoyed the scenery she heard the swish of leaves on the ground. She looked around to see a delightful, little dog. As soon as he saw her he trotted over and whimpered at her feet. ...read more.


He was so hungry when she brought him home, he mustn't have had a decent meal in days. So after three weeks Ethel plucked up the courage and made the call. Her shaky hand held the white plastic telephone. It rang once; it rang twice, three times now. Ethel nearly hung up in false hope that no one was there to take her call. She was wrong! "Hello, Banbirge Dog Pound, how many I help you?" said a polite, young sounding girl on the other end of the line. "Hello, my name is Ethel Graham. I am ringing to report a dog that is in my care. It may have been lost. I was just ringing to confirm that no one had reported a lost dog." "Just let me check now." The girl had left the phone and Ethel could hear her sorting through papers. "Well yes, actually, there have been three dogs reported," her heart sank, "Could you give me a description please?" Ethel paused for a second. It probably wasn't the same dog. Surely lots of dogs are reported lost each week. She took a quick breath and said "Small with dark brown fur, but he wasn't wearing a collar when I first saw him so I don't think," "Yes" the girl interrupted, "Small, dark brown, with patches of black?" ...read more.


After the family had gone and Ethel had stroked Billy for the last time she sat quietly in the waiting room, thinking about what had just happened. As she did she glanced around at the kennels behind her. A little dog sitting quietly alone caught her eye. Perhaps he reminded her of herself, or maybe it was his unusual fur markings. Whatever it was there was something special. Ethel got up and walked over to the cold, harsh bars of the kennel. The little dog came over and began licking Ethel's hand. His coat was a beautiful sandy colour and his long hair hung over his floppy ears. His deep, dark, brown eyes gazed up at Ethel .She could not do anything else but love him as soon as she set eyes on him. "Can I take this little dog home please?" she called over to one of the workers with a smile on her face. Now she had totally forgotten about Billy, but it was for the better. She pulled a plastic bag out of her pocket, containing a forgotten piece of chicken, which was intended for Billy, and fed it to the dog. "I'll call you Silver," she whispered fondly, "Because every cloud has a silver lining." ...read more.

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