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Lost in the Water

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´╗┐Lost in the Water! I woke up to the ringing of my cell phone. It was Ciara, my friend from school. She was wondering if my friend Charlie and I wanted to come over to her house. We definitely without a doubt, said yes. No one would ever reject an offer to Ciara?s house; the house was twice as big as mine and she had her own beach which she could go in every day. She also owned a kayak and a hobbie cat which is so much fun to ride on. Ciara was our neighbor so we could walk or bike ride over to her house. ...read more.


Charlie and I really wanted to go on the kayak since Charlie had never been on one and it had been a long time since I went. The thought of getting around Ciara seemed more possible as our thoughts gathered. It all began when Charlie and I told Ciara we needed to use the bathroom. Instead of using the bathroom we headed straight for the kayak. Unfortunately, Ciara turned around and saw us. We ran as fast as our legs could take us. Instantly we pushed the kayak out in to the ocean with the paddles on top. Once we were out and about, we looked back and saw that Ciara had rushed to the hobbie cat setting up the sail and other parts of the boat. ...read more.


The rocks were really spikey and we had no shoes on. By this time, Charlie was crying profusely. He even took off his red swim shirt and he swung it in the air as a sign for help. I was a little scared inside too but I couldn?t show it because I was older than Charlie and I was his role model. I looked out in to the enormous ocean and I saw a boat. It was Ciara riding her hobbie cat. Charlie and I were relieved to see her coming to the rescue. Before she came to the rocks Charlie told me not to tell anyone he cried. Ciara told us that she searched every small island looking for us and she had mixed emotions upon seeing us. She gave both of us a big hug and sailed us home. ...read more.

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