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LOST! - personal writing

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= LOST! Fidgeting all night as if sleeping on a sore bed. It was a sudden rough awakening. My eyes blinked. As I opened my eyes and wake up. I sense a shocking urge of discomfort. I feel soil beneath my finger tips. It felt like I was sleeping on leaf litter. Guess what? I really was. The sun stroke into my eyes, making them sensitive. I saw trees being hit by the wind. I also felt wind flowing across my face. I could taste blood from my fleshy lips. I was shocked, horrified, and nervous and was wondering how the hell did I get here. My body had sunk into agony as I realised I was in a jungle. I didn't just notice that I was in a jungle and my lips were popping off, I noted that I was bruised and bloody. I couldn't believe that I felt this immenseful pain so slowly. I was still thinking damn hard of how did i get here. ...read more.


I checked through my pocket and found a small bottle of vodka. Recognition of where I was, was beginning to float across my mind. I forced my-self and winced back into pain and searched for the open space for air. As I was running to the open place through the tall trees, I glanced at a shoe. That bloody shoe reminded me of something which I couldn't remember. I thought of something really bad and awful must've happened here. But still the flowing question was triggering my brain, where had I been? A bit of flooded diffused fume was sniffed in by my nose - making me feel a little sick but I still carried on running - reaching a beautiful beach. As I walked on to the beach, I thought I was in a place of beyond paradise. A cold breeze blasted through my face as I wondered around a bend. My eyes were completely shattered as my flowing question was answered and found what had brought me here- a plane crash! ...read more.


I could still taste the sticky dried blood from my pumped lips. I could hear people screaming, survivors in shock. A man was trapped beneath wreckage. A woman not breathing. People screaming for serious need. I was a neurosurgeon even though overcoming my own pain. I realised that it was possible for me to rescue the wonded with my inner-strength and sharp brain. If I reunite everyone then there would be some chance of rebounding their morale because these people were in serious need and they needed strong motivation to encourage them to gain their relationship and boost their confidence. Building the morale chemistry would be hard, but if there is none of that then everyone would end up in twisted situations. I ran to help those whom I could. I tried my best to give them a hand. I rally the others to help. I quickly emerged as a leader to the survivors, who increasingly looked at me for guidance. I helped my confidence to make this sincere decision. After when I had done everything, I didn't regret my moves. I was rather really glad that I did what I did. ...read more.

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