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Lottery Essay

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Winning lots of money makes you happy -Discuss Happiness everyone wants it but how can you get it family, friends, love or maybe money. But can money really make you happy. Winning the lottery is many peoples dream: becoming a millionaire, living your dreams, becoming debt free but surely it can't be as easy as that stress and fall in relationships are some of the effects that money can cause. One of the biggest advantages of winning a large sum of money is that it enables you to live a better ay of life. Lee Ryan and his family from the channel 4 documentary - the trouble with money lived in a council house working hard to provide for their kids until they won �6m, on the national lottery. They now live in a country mansion they saw before the big win. Money means you have the power to do things you want, like fulfil your dreams Mrs Ryan said in the documentary that "... ...read more.


And many jackpot winners donate to charity as well. Although many don't, some feel a more hand on approach is the way to help, Lee Ryan explained how he'd like to help charity, he would like to go to Africa and help more hand on, more involved that way he knows his money is helping people. But you can help people in other ways. Lee Ryan set his friend up in the car business. You can help yourself as well invest your money to get more money out. Two friends from a national newspaper were both laid off work a couple weeks later they both won on the national lottery �2m and �14m One of which was interested in buying shares of his local football club. Money can enable you to invest in that business you've always wanted to make a success in. However many couples may find their relationships will get worst. Carol Cartmon won �50,000 on a scratch card, due to relationship problems she ended up loosing �13,000 of this and her partner. ...read more.


that if he hadn't of won he may not have been charged and sent to prison luckily it wasn't for a long time where he couldn't enjoy his money. This relates to my final point although people may win the money a large percentage don't know what to do with it all one couple from a national news paper won the lottery and didn't spend a penny of it for a year, this may lead to stress and pressure to spend it just for the sake of it. Harassment may come from normal bystanders, people sending letters for many etc... In conclusion I believe that money can make you happy if you know what to spend it on and plan out how it will be used for the time you have it, how it will benefit you as a person and bring you happiness; and not to keep other people happy who judge you like the press. Whether it is a small amount that will last a month or a large amount that will last many years. ...read more.

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