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Love and Death

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Compare how the different feelings of love and death are portrayed in the two poems; "Funeral Blues" and "Remember" The poems "Funeral Blues" by W H Auden and " Remember" by Christina Rosetti are both about the feelings of love and death. There is a universal feeling between love and death, as they don't change, and neither do their feelings. In "Funeral Blues" the feeling conveyed is that once the person you loved has gone there is no point in life anymore and everything is over. Whereas "Remember" is saying to remember the loved person when they have gone at the beginning of the poem but in the sestet of this poem she changes he thoughts and tell the person she is writing the poem to that they should forget them. In both poems the feelings are both very strong. The first poem "Funeral Blues" written by W H Auden was a free verse was written about a political leader. ...read more.


The word "nothing" conveys the feeling of sadness, as it is a strong word and expresses that it's definite. The phrase could suggest that W H Auden doesn't believe in love after death because they aren't there he feels he can't express his love. Auden is relating to the cycle of life by using an aeroplane, as they circle he uses this technique by saying " dismantle the sun" as if there was no sun it would mean there was a cycle of day and night, and without day and night life it pointless. The poem makes us feel sympathy for Auden as it he makes it sound like part of him has died. The last line in the poem "For nothing now can come to any good" affects the reader as it is poignant and leaves the reader sad and empathising with W H Auden. Using poetic devices and showing his true feelings of how much he misses that person who's died. ...read more.


Also the word "corruption" gives connotations that when the person has past away things wont be the same and something will always be wrong and missing because they're not there. The line "Nor I half turn to go, yet turn to stay" is an oxymoron which creates a contrast in the line. It is implying that she doesn't mind going, but doesn't want to be forgotten by her friends and family. To conclude I think that Christina Rosetti and W H Auden convey their ideas of love well, and they both have different ideas of what it is. Christina conveys love as being remembered by people whereas W H Auden suggests that love is when you find someone special, and that once they have past away there's no love left because it was all given to one person. In both poems poetic devices are used to help show the different ways of loving someone. Overall I think even though the poems are conveying love differently Christina Rosetti and W H Auden both share the same feeling of love and death. Abbie- Leigh Ogden. ...read more.

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