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Love, Hate and Destiny are key themes in 'Romeo and Juliet'. Discuss how these themes are explored in Act 1 of the play.

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Love, Hate and Destiny are key themes in 'Romeo and Juliet'. Discuss how these themes are explored in Act 1 of the play. In the late 15th Century and in the Middle Ages there was the idea of 'Courtly love' which is a set of rules and expectations, which is to be followed in a marriage. Love and marriage was an important thing and people had tended to have arranged marriages by their parents. They also tended to marry at a young age. In Italy the girls also had little or no say in the choice of a husband, the husband also would be from a suitable rich family. In Romeo and Juliet the same marriage is expressed in the book, but Romeo and Juliet abide the rules and fall in love with each other. The two couldn't be with each other because of the rivalry between the two families, so therefore kill themselves. Love, hate and destiny are key themes of the play because the themes are expressed most in the play and the themes are expressed between the two families. ...read more.


In scene two it is about love and destiny as Capulet is talking to Paris about the marriage between Paris and Juliet who is Capulets daughter. This part of the scene is destiny as they are talking about the marriage and it is Juliet who is destined to marry Paris and her father questions Paris on why marry her at a young age. Capulet only wants Juliet to be happy and will decide when she decides so he cares for her feelings `My will to her consent is but a part' he also believes that Juliet is too young to marry `Ere we may think her ripe to be a bride'. Romeo and Benevolio find the guest list and have an idea of coming to the party to find Rosaline. He also says that he will be destined to be miserable and it will be he cause of his death `Ay, mine own fortune in my misery'. He explains his love for Rosaline again `When the devout religion of mine eye, Maintains such falsehood, then turn tears to fire!' ...read more.


In scene 5 it is Capulets party and in this scene there is all of the three themes: love, hate and destiny. Romeo and his friends wear masks so thier identity is hidden. Tybalt finds out that Romeo has come and he is furious and has a lot of hatred and wants to fight. His language shows his hatred towards the Montagues. This, by his voice, should be a Montague. Fetch me my rapier, boy'. Capulet tells Tybalt to keep down and not to fight `Why, how now, Kinsman! Wherefore storm you so?' Juliet and Romeo meet each other in the courtyard and instantly fall in love with each other. There is love between the two and Romeo explains that it is his destiny `o dear account! My life is my foe's debt'. All he wants is a kiss from Juliet, which he describes as a sin. Juliet also explains that she loves him to the nurse `My only love sprung from my only hate!' These themes are important and in each scene there is at least one of the themes expressed in them. Even in the other acts and scenes there are still these themes throughout the play. Vikash Singh 11C ...read more.

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