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Love Hurts

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Love Hurts Beep-Beep, Beep-Beep. Andrew turned over and switched off the alarm clock. From then his normal day would start. He would clamber downstairs to the front door where he'd pick up his Daily Telegraph and move into the kitchen where he would butter a croissant, and make himself a cup of tea. Then he'd climb back upstairs and get dressed and washed, ready for work. His journey to work would take about twenty minutes. People admiring his sleek, sliver Mercedes gliding through the busy streets of London, would often stare him at. Once at his office he would spend most of the day there, apart from an hour lunch break. Andrew would go to the same restaurant everyday either by himself or with a couple of friends. He always enjoyed his lunch break as it allowed him to think about life in general. He was always extremely polite and well mannered. Andrew was a single man, who really didn't have the time to look for love. When Andrew got home in the evenings he would make something to eat and watch TV. This was a normal day for Andrew; he would do the same thing almost everyday. ...read more.


She had come to settle the bill that Andrew had offered to pay, which he willing did. They got talking and Andrew realised she didn't have much money or a permanent home. They had been talking for about two hours when Mary insisted that she should leave and did so. All that night he thought of Mary, he had never found it so easy to talk to a woman before and thought he should call her the next day. That next morning he had a day off and was getting ready to visit his parents when there was a knock at the door. It was Mary, she said she didn't know why she had called round but wanted to see him again after last night. Andrew was glad Mary had called round. After talking for a while he suggested they go out, like for a drink, and Mary accepted his invitation. Andrew phoned his parents and told them he had last minute work and couldn't make it there today. Andrew and Mary had a wonderful time that day, and got along well. They began seeing each other as much as they could. ...read more.


He had just under an hour to get to the airport. It would usually take an hour to get there. He jumped in his Mercedes and put his foot down. He was going about seventy miles an hour when he was flagged down by the police. He tried frantically to explain but the police didn't care, all they cared about was the danger he was to others. When Andrew realised he wasn't going to make it to the airport, he broke down and cried. He was distraught and thought he had nothing to live for. Andrew drove home and opened a bottle of whisky and just drank and drank. All he cared for was Mary and now she was gone. He clambered up the stairs to bed and fell asleep. About an hour later a ring at the door awaked him. He shot out of bed thinking it could be Mary, and headed for the stairs. When he was just at the top an empty bottle of whisky caused him to slip and he tumbled down the stairs, step after step, hitting the bottom with a thump. There he lay in a big pool of blood. Dead. Meanwhile you could hear the faint calling at the door. "Andrew! Andrew, its me- Mary! Open up! I love you Andrew! ...read more.

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