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Love is a more important them than nature in To Autumn and Shall I Compare Thee..

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Love is a more important them than nature in "To Autumn" and "Shall I Compare Thee.." Do you agree? Theme of John Keats 'To Autumn' is to benefit from life, even as you grow old and it begins to fall away from you. He spreads this message through the time frame, imagery and pronunciation of the stanzas. 'To Autumn' portrays nature in this poem in Stanza Two. He is addressing to Autumn by speaking to the readers "Who hath not seen thee oft amid they store". This is showing that the stanza has sound images. Autumn is the time when fruits are ready and fall, which gives Keats a large vision to write about and use nature in the poem. There is also a link between the beauty of women and nature. Autumn is being betrayed as a woman, showing personification. "They hair soft-lifted by the winnowing wind" this is suggesting that nature is like a person. ...read more.


Again, we see the speaker expressing love for this season by describing the sounds that autumn is surrounded by. He is expressing that life is not the same without Autumn. Autumn is shown to be a person. He is describing the harvest and showing us that Autumn is the reason why there is harvest and why the food rips. This reflects to show that Autumn, the women makes days brighter for Keats. Metaphors are used in the third stanza to compare the sounds made in autumn to music. A quote from the text states, "Hedge-crickets sing; and now with treble soft". Keats compares the noises made by hedge-crickets to musical notes. In 'Shall I compare thee' is addressed to a young man. The first line shows the comparison of the youth with a summer day. But the second line says that the youth is more perfect than a summer day. "More temperate" can be interpreted as more gentle. He is linking seasons to the youth. ...read more.


Shakespeare is showing himself not only as a lover, but also as a poet. The Third Couplet states "So long as men can breath or eyes can see, So long lives this, and this gives life to thee" This means that for as long as humans live and breathe on earth with eyes that can see, this is how long these verses will live. This illustrates that his love will last for eternity. 'This' on the last lines, also refer to the poem itself. It is the poem which captures the beauty of the young man forever. Altogether Love is a more important theme then nature in the two Sonnets. Sonnets are poems about love and 'To Autumn' and 'Shall I compare thee' are about love. Keats portrays nature to a woman, but he is describing the affection he feels for her. Shakespeare is writing about his love to a young youth. The poems are mostly based around love in various forms and are showing their feelings towards people. ...read more.

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