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Love is just a dream. Dreams are not reality?

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Dreams, they can be funny, romantic or thrilling. But what about real? Life would be just ideal wouldn't it if these dreams, these desires were actually genuine? We could have whatever we want. However, what if the case was we didn't want these dreams to be true but somehow these visions were slowly by degrees becoming reality, affecting our lives forever? This might seem bizarre but it can be true, like it was for a 17 year old just a few years back................... "Samir, leave me alone you're creeping me out," screamed Catherine, "But I love you and I am not leaving you alone. I've done so much for you, bought you so many things, gave you all my heart, can't you at least say you love me?" cried Samir. "Love you, how can I love you? Look at yourself. You, you don't even have any friends for god's sake. Just don't come near me, ANYMORE!" "I don't need any friends. When I have you, it is as if I have the whole world with me. I'll do anything, just don't leave me please." Samir carried on crying, seeking for at least a gaze or a beautiful smile from his much-loved Catherine, hinting that she at least cared for him, but she didn't look back, not once. She just carried on walking down the long and dusty street. Samir just stood there, still eager for her to look back. He stared and stared until she was finally out of sight. He turned back with tears still dropping from his gleaming eyes and walked on, heartbroken again. Yet, as he walked on, for some peculiar reason he started grinning, inconsolable on the inside, but in high spirits on the outside. Why? Samir arrived home an hour following the event, ran into his room and lunged straight into his bed. He didn't know what he was doing wrong that made him such an outsider. ...read more.


asked Samir, "You might not know him, but if it makes you feel better, it's Danny from your class," replied Aisha "I hope you'd forget about me Samir. I wish for you the best because I know whatever girl does get you is going to be very lucky and I know that girl is not going to be me Samir, bye." Aisha walked away after saying her final words, she looked back many times with tears falling from her eyes, she tried to smile but that was too hard. Samir was on his knees with his arms out still hoping she would change her mind and come back running into them. But the closest thing he got to his hope was a breath taking smile from Aisha which made him cry with love even more, "Aisha!" Shouted Samir powerfully but there was no reply. Samir got up, tears still falling from his eyes; heartbroken again as he was when Catherine walked away. Staggering from side to side, he approached home in a devastated condition. His mind was dizzy and his eyesight was fading away, he knocked on the door and as it opened, he fell into his mums' arms. "You were in my mind from the first day my eyes set upon you; From then on I knew my love was true. Here you posed with your tender lips so sweet enough to kiss, along with your beautiful figure impossible to even miss. These are merely some of the things that I feel for you Aisha and I know that in my heart, this feeling will never go absent. No matter how far you would be away from me and no matter how much you try to deny it, I know I love you and you love me." Saying these words Samir grasped Aisha in his arms and brushed her hair with his finger. ...read more.


"Mum, what you on about, all these years? Who is this murderer?" asked Samir bemused. "I am not a murderer!" shouted Salim. "How can you say you're not a murderer when you just tried to kill Shahina, right in front of me," responded Samir aggressively. "I was not the one killing her and the other two girls, it was your mind. All I did was enacting what you were thinking, brother," replied Salim with a grin. "Don't you call me brother!" shouted Samir. "Why shouldn't he call you brother, he has all the rights to, you murderer!" shouted Samir's mother with a crying but powerful voice. "What do you mean; I'm the murderer, he killed them all not me," replied Samir on the brink of crying. "You see Samir, you and your twin brother were born with a rare condition. You were too weak to do anything such as murder because you didn't have the moral fibre within yourself to commit a thing like that, but you have an evil heart Samir. This made you dream about murders and your brother Salim, well he had the strength to commit such sins but his heart was too pure to think about these things. You dream about it in your sleep, he does it in his sleep," screamed Samir's mum, crying louder and louder after every word. "How can you say I'm evil, what about all those sweet things I have said to Shahina, all my poetry everything," said Samir. "Those poems are not yours son, their all Salim's. He's too shy to say these sweet things, these poems to girls, so he merely thinks it, but you say it," said Samir's mum, "No, this can't be, why did you lie to me, why?" shouted Samir at the top of his voice, he fell onto his knees and started crying on the palm of his hands. Suddenly Salim jumped on Samir with his dagger and stabbed it straight into his heart, twisted and turned it and forever was the aching of Samir's heart put at rest. THE END 1 ...read more.

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