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Love Marriage.

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Love Marriage As I took my marriage vows in the House of God, my glittery white wedding gown sparkling in the sun seemed like a symbol of my bright future with the man of my dreams. I looked into his passionate dark eyes, and realized that once again, I had succeeded, gotten what I wanted. No one had ever been able to come in my way ever, and now that I was married to Jai, looked like no one could. Not even my parents. My parents didn't even know Jai well. I do believe in the whole 'mothers instinct' thing, but things were different in this case. All they knew was what they had heard from people, namely Jai's ex-wife and her mother. And of course they'd be biased, after a broken engagement, who wouldn't? Jai's ex wife kept making up stories about how violent Jai got when he was drunk, I didn't believe her, partly because I didn't want to, but another part of me sub consciously filed these 'fables' in my memory. Mom kept insisting that she had a 'bad feeling' about him, "If he's left her for you, what guarantee do you have that he wont leave you for some one else?" ...read more.


As he slapped me repeatedly, I fought to stifle my screams lest the neighbors heard; he then caught hold of my long auburn tresses and dragged me onto the floor, then lifted me and hit my head against the wall again and again and again. His fury was sated. I couldn't keep track of anything that happened after that, I just remember excruciating pain in my head, and then I went numb and blacked out. I woke up to find myself on my bed, Jai was by my side holding my hand, my head still spun, and it took me a while to recollect the events of the previous night. Jai sat with his head bowed. He whispered an apology to me, I was too weak to show any signs of acceptance, and then suddenly he started sobbing, "I can't believe I did this to you. I'm so sorry, I must've been possessed by an evil spirit. Please forgive me. I love you. I beg for forgiveness. That wasn't me. I promise to never raise my hand on you again. I'm sorry Jyoti, please forgive me." I was scared. I didn't entirely believe him, but something inside me wanted to believe his every word. ...read more.


I knew that if I didn't do something to stop Rahul from crying, he too would be subjected to his father's evil. Jai probably saw my fear for my baby in my eyes, and decided to taunt me with it. He commanded me to leave Rahul alone, and ordered the baby to shut up. At this point, I knew that I had to try and save my most precious asset, and I ignored his command and reached out for my child. Jai caught my hair and dragged me away from him. I was powerless to resist. I could only pray to the Lord. Rahul's wails got louder when he saw the brutality of the scene. Jai left my hair and reached for the baby's neck, almost chocking him to death, his eyes bulged with fear and I knew that he would soon turn blue. An eternity passed before me, until I was suddenly overcome by strength so great, I can now say that it was the strength of the Lord. The strength he had given me, to save my baby. I spotted my heavy rot iron lamp on my bedside; I lifted it with all my strength and brought it crashing down at the back of his head. He fell on the floor with a thud. ...read more.

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