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Love or Loyalty

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Adam Duchateau Love or Loyalty 'Be quiet Margaret! I am trying to read!' Robert bellowed, as he pondered over the reason for Margaret's newborn unruliness. He was almost tempted to put her in her place at once, yet he decided necessary though it may be, it was not something that was to be rushed. 'Get me a drink Margaret, Scotch.' Robert barked eager to gain control once again. Margaret on the other hand hobbled off nervously, she feared that this might happen yet she knew better than to protest. It was customary, every evening, for Robert to spend two hours drinking, sometimes scotch, sometimes vodka, always too much. It was not this that Margaret feared, however, it was that after Robert had drunk himself into his accustomed frenzy, he somehow saw it as his duty to deliver Margaret a good beating, it was useless even trying to resist. Margaret never tried to resist, after years of punishment, Margaret had come to see herself as an awful woman and a dreadful wife, and she herself had grown to believe that she somehow deserved to suffer. That night Margaret was particularly badly beaten and as she crawled into a corner, consciousness left her almost immediately. It was 7.30 and Margaret had already taken a shower, cleaned the whole house and patched herself up to the best of her ability. ...read more.


Every time that David attempted to crack a joke, or it looked like Margaret wanted to laugh, she would simply turn away and proceed to stare aimlessly out the window in silence. At the hospital, out of respect for Margaret, David decided to remain in the waiting room; it only took about half an hour. When the nurse came out, however, she immediately asked if she could have a word with David, rather impolitely it must be said. It was only after David explained that he was simply her postman and nothing more that she finally calmed down. It seemed the nurse was extremely suspicious about the cause of these injuries. The nurse said Margaret had bruises all over her body. David, suspicious though he may have been, felt honour bound to uphold Margaret's wishes and simply told the nurse that he believed that Margaret had simply fallen down the stairs as she said. Yet the nurse was still not convinced, and she kept on repeating how it was really not that uncommon for elderly men especially to beat their wives. Finally, however, David decided to get back to Margaret, after all he simply wanted to make sure that she got her leg patched up, and now she had. "Shall we be off?" ...read more.


Margaret did not mind too much, but she knew that David would make a big deal of it, he no longer believed Margaret's petty excuses. Soon after David walked in beaming, as Margaret had expected, however, the smile automatically vanished from his face after seeing Margaret. "What happened to you?" David asked looking abashed. "Wait! Do not even bother with your excuses, you cannot let him get away with this Margaret. I can take you to the police station right now." David said almost shouting from anger. "No!" Margaret yelled, looking worried "You do not understand David; you do not know what will happen to me if he finds out that I have told anyone." Margaret whimpered. "......I know, but it just makes me so angry" David said, his face finally returning to its normal colour. "I refuse to just let this happen, you can come and stay with me, and we can go far away from here" David said hopefully, almost without thinking. Margaret was shocked, she could not believe what she had just heard, it was ridiculous. Yet, how many, mornings had she spent dreaming of a life with David. David had shown Margaret that she never deserved the beatings, it was not her that had been a bad wife, it was Robert who had been a bad husband. "Okay" Margaret said defiantly. "What did you say?" David asked unbelievingly. "Okay" Margaret repeated. ...read more.

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