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Love - personal writing

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Never had I imagined that I would meet a person like Kate. So loving, so generous and full of hopes, faith in others. I was just an ordinary man, or should I say, not as ordinary either. I was disabled. 26 years ago, when I was just 2 years old, I had lost my parents and both my legs in an unexpected earthquake. Since then, I had no family, no house , no money, but most of all , no love. I lived in a place, which many felt was no better than a drain. In winters, I had nothing to make myself feel warm except for the memories of my parents. My life was all about myself and my wheelchair. I ate scarps of food left behind by people. The garbage bin was my daily supplier of food. When I was 18 , I realized that I had to work, make my own money. Without legs, what could I possibly do ? I thought. I spent many sleepless nights thinking about things I could do to earn a living. It was then when I started this little ' business' of mine, selling handmade bouquets . ...read more.


Miss.. Kate " I stammered. " oh . Sure but I only have about 15 minutes. I have to leave for London soon and my parents are waiting for me" she explained. I was hurt. Is she leaving for ever? I thought hard. She asked me about my family and I had nothing to say about it. She asked me if I knew anybody else and my answers to all these questions were No. Tears ran down my red-brimmed eyes as I told her my story. The story of my life and how I spent these 16 years without anybody beside me , without anybody to talk to, without a proper house, without any love. How was I supposed to tell her that I was in love with her? Was this love justified ? How was I supposed to tell her that she meant a lot to me? What if she just rejected me and didn't understand me ? I asked myself. She cupped my hand between hers and looked into my eyes. The warmth of her hands made me feel so special ."I understand you. I really do. ...read more.


That was the time when I understood that Kate was really the one I needed. She deserved more than this.More than just the love from me, a disabled. What could I do? Being on a very low income, I couldn't even afford a proper house for us both. I started loving Kate and hating myself even more. I wished I could just change the world! Change myself for Kate. I really wished I could walk .It was possible if I had enough money to get operated. Kate supported me a lot. She explained to me that life can be the same without legs. She explained to me that it's all about confidence and faith in ourselves. It is possible to stay happy without a lot of wealth. I really appreciated Kate, for making me realize how special I can be. She didn't want to have a big house, nor a huge income. She just wanted us both to be happy and together forever. Being with her made me feel stronger, more confident of myself. She helped me a lot and I had nothing I could give in return to her except love. She was like a candle that brought light into my dark life. She gave me the strength to stand tall and face the world. I have to agree, Love really conquers all.. ...read more.

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