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love poems

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Discuss how the poets in this collection explore the feeling of love. Love is a strong feeling and has many different aspects, for example it can have bad or good aspects. Love can be a very painful experience when it is for example not returned or when it comes to an end. But love can also give people joy and happiness in their lives. In this essay I will discuss how the poets explore their feeling of love. The poets in the collection explore both good and bad aspects of love. In the poem "when We Two Parted" Lord Byron talks about how people are broken hearted because of their break up. We can see this when he says, "half-broken hearted to sever for years" the word "sever" implies a physical cutting or separation of two people that had a relationship. Ending such a relationship often can cause pain, which is almost physical sometimes although it's emotional. Byron also tells us that maybe he isn't completely heart broken, he wasn't completely unhappy about their separation, "half-broken hearted" the word "half" is the word suggesting that he isn't completely unhappy and heart broken from the break-up, but suggesting that it was bitter. ...read more.


In the poem "Woman To Her Lover" Christina Walsh writes to her lover about how she doesn't want to be treated when they marry. This is suggesting that Christina Walsh is a strong woman; she is self-confident and tells her lover what she wants and if she doesn't get it she wont hesitate to reject him and not marry him. "If that be what you ask, O lover, I refuse you" this is suggesting that if her lover wants her just for his pleasure and for normal housework or if he thinks about himself as a "conqueror" to overrule her, she will turn him down. In the second paragraph she starts with the word "or" which is suggesting an alternative. The alternative is, if he thinks that she is one of these perfect woman, that was send from heaven and that she's a wingless angel then she will refuse to marry him. She doesn't want to be a perfect woman. She wants to be like every other woman. "Or if you think to wed with one from heaven sent, who's every deed and word and wish is golden, a wingless angel who can do no wrong, Go! - I am no doll to dress sit for feeble worship." ...read more.


"And, oh! 'Tis delicious to hate you". Thomas Moore is enjoying the contrast between hating her and loving her. This could suggest that the feeling of love can very quickly turn into hate. In the poem "sonnet 130" by William Shakespeare, Shakespeare tells us about his experience about the woman he loves. (The woman he is in love with is the total opposite then the woman that you would of considered as a wingless angel at that time.) His poem about her is pretty harsh towards her. He is writing about all the "negative" things that the woman has "than in the breath that from my mistress reeks." But Shakespeare is deeply in love with her even if she is the total opposite then a woman was considered to be like at that time. Shakespeare experiences a positive, exiting part of love. "And yet, by heaven, I think my love as rare as any she belied with false compare". By studying the collection of poems I have learnt that love can have many different sides, including a negative and a positive aspect. Many people cannot live without love. Love is a central emotion for a person's life even when it becomes painful. People have experienced a lot of emotions when they are in love. Some feel pain and depressions others feel happiness and a completion of their lives. Love is a very, very strong emotion. ...read more.

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