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love poetry

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Love has always been written about since man could write. Through songs, poetry and stories there has always been more about love than other subjects. Love is easy to write about for those who have felt it, and can be written about in so many ways. More modern poems and songs about love are crude and more often than not about lust not love but poems pre-1900 were more romantic. Not all were as there were some ironic 'love' poems, and poems about unfaithful and untrustworthiness. They give other poets, and lovers, things to aspire to. Love is a strange but a wonderful and powerful emotion. There are many different types of love, such as the love between parent and child, close friends, and the love between husband and wife. Throughout history, love has been expressed in many different ways. The primary way that it has been recorded is through the expression of poetry. For centuries, many people have used love poetry and have been reliant on them. Love poetry will never cease as love is a constant feeling. In this essay, I am going to select three pre19th century poems and comment on the comparisons between them. How they express their view on love and relationships. The three poems I am going to compare are "A Woman to Her Lover" by Christina Walsh, "When We Two Parted" by Lord Byron and "First Love" by John Clare. I will be comparing how these three poets express their views on love through structure, tone, language and imagery in their poems. In the nineteenth century it was un-usual for women in conventional society to express ones love for men as women were usually possessions of the man. Females were considered to be second class citizens who were expected to refrain in conveying their natural feelings and emotions. Women were also socially neglected, as they were expected to remain at home whilst their respective husbands ensured the upkeep of the family by managing the family finances. ...read more.


Like when she said, "No servant will I be" and Fool, I refuse you". By reading this poem I saw that Walsh's view of love was quiet strong. She wanted it to end with her and her lover to grow old and die together. Although then again she would want an equal relationship rather then either her or her lover to be in charge. She also didn't want her lover to treat her like a God, which is what women of this time would like. Other than that she has described her view of love and what she would want her relationship to be like with her lover, which is quite a romantic bond. This poem also tells us quite a bit about the attitudes towards men and women and marriage at that time. It tells us that the view of love and marriage was a complete opposite of what Walsh wanted out of her relationship. Marriage at that time was probably controlled by the men in the relationship and the women may have had to do what there lover told them to do. This poem is quiet effective at expressing the poet's attitude towards love as it tells us what she would like her relationship to be like with her lover and she said she would like it basically to be like 'typical love', that most women would wish for. The second poem I am going to looked at is "When We Two Parted" by Lord Byron. Lord Byron is a very famous English poet and was also known for taking drugs and sleeping with a number of women. This poem is about Lord Byron's feelings after he broke up with Lady Francis Webster. Lord Byron and Lady Francis Webster's relationship wasn't an open one, as Lady Francis Webster was a married woman. Their affair must have been quite a serious one as Lord Byron found the break up very difficult. ...read more.


As flowers and winter are total opposites and so are love's bed and snow. Clare then finishes the poem by saying "My heart has left its dwelling place and can return no more" this tells us that he has given his heart away to her and it will not return as he isn't going to love or marry anyone else but her. As well as "When We Two Parted", this poem also has an ab, ab, cd, cd rhyme scheme of each stanza. John Clare's view of love was positive. By reading the poem you could see that very easily as the tone of language had all got to do with love and romance. Although he pointed out to us that he was slightly confused with the rhetorical questions. My view on this poem is that Clare kind of exaggerated a bit about love, as my opinion about love is that you can't love some one until you know them. And what he is telling us is all about his love at first sight, which means he doesn't know her. Love has been conveyed in numerous ways throughout pre 1914 poetry. It has always been a popular subject to write about as it is such a fundamental human emotion, and one of the strongest and long-lasting. To conclude all three poets used language, time era, structure and imagery to illustrate their view on love. All the poets have shown a negative and positive view on love. I feel that the most effective one at expressing the poet's view of love was "A Woman to Her Lover" as she didn't have any signs of confusion in the poem and mainly because she expressed the way she wanted her relationship to be like with her lover in the poem. The other two poems "When We Two Parted" and "First Love" both have rhetorical questions used in them, which show that the poet is confused about love. 1 Sharifullah Yaquby 11C English coursework: Love poetry ...read more.

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