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Luhrmann also uses a range of different editing styles, such as frames of Capulet singing

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Romeo and Juliet Essay Emma Wilkins Luhrmann's direct orial style is very bright, vibrant and energetic. We can tell this from some of his other films, such as "Moulin Rouge" and "Romeo and Juliet". He uses a variety of bright colours and costumes, to portray a happy and exciting mood in the film. Luhrmann uses a variety of different camera shots, angles and motions to create a meaningful scene full of mixed emotions. He uses close ups of Romeo and Lord Capulet. The close up of Romeo is to show the effect of drugs and conveys his dizziness and the confusion of the scene. ...read more.


He uses quick cuts, to empathise the action and energy used in the "Ball Scene", to show how different guests enjoy themselves and what they are doing. He also slows the pace down, to show how stunned or shocked a character is. His use of editing is effective, in the way he uses it to show the party mood throughout the scene. Luhrmann mainly uses diegetic sounds to portray a realistic celebratory atmosphere, such as the fireworks, to show the party is starting, Candi Stattons "Young Hearts Run Free" connotes the party mood, clapping connotes the excitement and Capulet's singing, to denote that he's had a few too many to drink and is maybe put into a relaxed, jolly mood as a result of the drink. ...read more.


Where as Paris is dressed as a space man, this could mean that he is the outsider, compared to everyone else. The lighting in the scene is usually very bright, to go with the mood of the scene and doesn't have much dark lighting to show evil or misery/happiness. However, when Romeo and Juliet meet there is some dark lighting. This suggests that there is a dark secret lurking between both of them. Where as in the lift, there is some back lighting , this connotes that their love is heavenly, and that they are meant to be. Overall I have found that Luhrmann is an effective director, as he uses fantastic camera angles, and he creates an effective representation of Shakespear's "Ball Scene" ...read more.

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