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Macbeth’s sins.

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Macbeth's sins A long time ago, there was a brave man named Macbeth, But a lot of people wanted to cut off his head. If you want to know what went wrong with him, Just read on, and you will find out about his sin. The great Macbeth led a very good life, With on his side a lovely and beautiful wife. He was a general of the army of the king Because he was very brave and good at fighting, Travelling home from an important battle he won, Three witches predicted his career had only just begun, Macbeth was Thane of Glamis, but he would become more, According to the witches he would be Thane of Cawdor! The third prediction of the witches brought disaster; They forecasted: "Macbeth will be king hereafter!" A great king was ruling Scotland at that time, The whole Scottish population thought he did fine, 'I will be king, if only King Duncan were dead...' ...read more.


He placed the knives with the guards, so they got the blame, As Scotland's noblemen and king Duncan's sons came, And so Macbeth and his wife executed their evil plan, With this act, Macbeth was proved to be a cruel man. When the princes and the noblemen found out the king was dead, Macbeth pretended he was innocent and acted like he went mad. Before everyone would find out who really was guilty, Macbeth executed another plan, what was even more filthy, He made sure there were no witnesses of what he had done, After he killed both guards, his wife was the only one. The plan Macbeth and his wife made turned out to be very keen, And so their dream came true; they became king and queen. Macbeth's dear friend Banquo suspected Macbeth was telling lies, Macbeth was afraid to get caught, so he decided: "Banquo dies!" He could not do it himself, so he told some murderers to kill his friend, Without him Macbeth could find some rest, so the murderers were sent. ...read more.


Macduff has escaped, so Macbeth kills his wife and son Boy, Killing at first was horrible, but now it seems to bring him joy! Macduff and other noblemen are gathering a strong armed force, But still, Macbeth is not afraid and does not show any remorse. Lady Macbeth goes crazy now, and she commits suicide, Her evil husband goes on, because he still had his pride, An army of a thousand soldiers is hiding in Birnam Wood, Macbeth does not notice, and still thinks his position is good. Suddenly, he is surprised: Trees are moving in Birnam Wood! Macbeth thinks he is going crazy, but his eyes are good. Macduff comes out of the woods and challenges Macbeth, Who thinks the winner of the fight has already been set, But Macduff tells Macbeth on the Dunsinane Location, That he is not of woman born, but of a Caesarian operation! Then Macduff grabs his sword and beheads Macbeth, So now the once so good and brave man is dead. ...read more.

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